Ekaterina Guseva

Ekaterina Guseva

Ekaterina Guseva is a well-known Russian theater and film actress, who became popular after playing the role of Sasha Bely’s beloved in the Russian cult TV series “Brigade”. She was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

Ekaterina was born in Moscow on July 9, 1976 in the family of a tailor and a civil servant. Interestingly, as a child, Katya’s father played the violin and it was with his violin that many years later she starred in her main role in the acclaimed TV series “The Brigade”. From the age of 4, Katya was engaged in gymnastics, figure skating and swimming. During her school years, Guseva attended dance classes in the Georgian national ensemble “Colchis”. With the ensemble, she toured various countries and even performed on the stage of the Bolshoi Theater.

At school, Katya was a very correct student, a diligent excellent student with a long braid. She had many admirers. And when the director of the school created the theater “Nabat”, Guseva was the first to sign up as an actress. But by the 11th grade, Katya’s plans for the future were far from cultural – she was going to enter a biotechnology institute. All year she took courses in chemistry and biology. And only an amazing case changed the fate of Ekaterina Guseva. On the last call, the school theater staged a skit, where Katya had many major roles. At the end of the performance, her assistant Yevgeny Rubenovich Simonova approached her and suggested that she try to enter the higher theater school named after B. V. Shchukin.

So she became a student of the famous theater school, to the complete bewilderment of her parents. After her senior year in 1997, Ekaterina made her film debut-in the lead role in the film “Snake Spring”. This is a provincial story, beautifully played out in the spirit of a sinister detective story. Kate plays the role of a student of the pedagogical Institute Dina, who arrives in the city to practice, but sees that the people are paralyzed by fear: series of murders resembling each other girls forcing residents to think that the city wielding a real maniac.

The debut was not in vain – the actress was noticed by Mark Rozovsky and invited Guseva to play with him in the theater “At the Nikitsky Gate”. Then the actress played in the musical “Nord-Ost”. Deafening fame covered her in 2002, when the TV series “Brigade” was released, which later became a cult. Alexey Sidorovo’s crime drama tells the story of four childhood friends, ordinary Moscow guys, Sasha Bely, Cosmos, Bee and Phil, who grew up in the same yard. They decided to earn a little extra money, but an unplanned murder mixed everything up, putting their lives on the line.

Now they are not just good guys – now the guys are making their way in the criminal world and turning into one of the most cohesive and influential groups. In this film, Ekaterina Guseva played the role of the beloved, and later the wife of the main character Sasha Bely, whose image was embodied by Sergei Bezrukov. The popularity of the “Brigade” is difficult to overestimate – the series was pulled apart for quotes, and millions of boys began to imitate its heroes. “Brigade” at that time became the most expensive Russian TV movie. The budget of one series was almost 200 thousand dollars. The project made famous all the actors of this TV series. After this triumph, the demand for the actress increased. She starred in such films as “Yesenin”, “Hunting for Raisins”, “Thank you for your love”, “Save our Souls” and others.

Ekaterina married businessman Vladimir Abashkin, the couple has two children, daughter Anna and son Alexey.

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