Ekaterina Kostrigina Russian jeweler

Ekaterina Kostrigina

Rose Bouquet brooch in gold with pink opal and diamonds

The jewelry brand Ekaterina Kostrigina is widely known for combining the traditions and techniques of the past with the ideas of the present. An antique shop and a workshop that originated on its base, and now symbolically side by side with each other.

Her style is unique and recognizable, but she does not stop there: having entered into a collaboration with the Italian jeweler Maurizio Fioravanti, she learns a rare technique of Roman micromosaics. The jewelry brand “Ekaterina Kostrigina” was born inside the family antique salon in the heart of St. Petersburg, which has been collecting art objects under its arches for more than 20 years.

Ekaterina is a graduate of the History Department of St. Petersburg State University. Love and professional approach to rare objects of antiquity, possession of ancient techniques in her works are organically intertwined with new methods of modern art. Her team brings together true masters of their craft: jewelers, artists, stone cutters and enamelers.

Ekaterina Kostrigina

Lily of the Valley brooch made of gold with diamonds

Ekaterina Kostrigina – Russian jeweler and owner of a jewelry company

Following her understanding of the beautiful, Ekaterina does not prioritize either current fashion trends, or certain techniques or materials. Her main requirement for her “graduates” is beauty. Her original artistic ideas fascinate and surprise. “I used to be told often: they don’t do that!”, — Ekaterina laughs. But to realize her vision, she stops at nothing and creates jewelry that is difficult to describe in a single word, they require a whole bouquet of epithets.

Ancient techniques, stone carving, various types of enamel are combined with cutting-edge technologies, thanks to which the most original creative ideas of the master are realized. In this, Catherine is assisted by a team of true specialists in their field: jewelers, artists, stone cutters and enamelers. Juicy berries, translucent flower petals, fluttering butterflies and dragonflies, highly artistic brooches-the theme of the designer’s works is constantly changing. The only thing that remains unchanged is their impeccable beauty and delicious organicity.

Dragonfly brooch in gold with diamonds and sapphires

Gold Chrysanthemum brooch with diamonds, jasper and mother of pearl