Ekaterina Semenova

Ekaterina Semenova

Ekaterina Semenova is a Russian theater and film actress, TV presenter, participant in the “Last Hero”.

Short biography

Ekaterina Semenova was born on April 18, 1971 in the village of Monino, Shchelkovsky district, not far from Moscow. The father of the future actress Tengiz Aleksandrovich is a documentary film director, currently an Honored Art Worker of Russia. Mother Natalya Orlova worked as an animator. For one of her characters – Alisa Selezneva from the animated film by Roman Kachanov “The Mystery of the Third Planet”. Natalia copied the appearance of her little daughter.

Ekaterina Semenova

It is not surprising that Catherine, who grew up in a creative family, did not have a spontaneous desire to become an actress. From early childhood she was interested in the world of cinema. And during her school years she began to attend classes in a theater studio. Here young Katya studied with pleasure, while the general education program did not fascinate her at all. The girl even threatened to stay for the second year in the final class, if not for the salutary decision in her favor at the audition at the Moscow Art Theater School.

For the first time, the eminent parents of Semenova had to ask for the favor of their daughter. When the certificate of secondary education was received, Ekaterina Semenova became a student at one of the leading theater universities. Here there was no need to bother for her sake. From the first days of her studies, she more and more surprised the teachers, leaving no doubts about her talent. Already in her second year, the aspiring actress actively performed on the theater stage. Within the walls of her native Moscow Art Theater, she played the main role in the production of “Ondine”, and at the Moscow Sovremennik Theater she took part in the play “Three Sisters” based on the play by A. Chekhov. Semenova joined the Sovremennik troupe in 1992. But ten years later she moved to the Theater named after A.P. Chekhov, where she still works.

Film career of Ekaterina Semenova

Semenova’s cinematic debut took place in 1983, when she got a small role in the musical comedy “We are from jazz” by Karen Shakhnazarov. This was followed by several subtle roles in the films “Portraits of Men”, “Ladder”, “Predators”, “One in a Million”, “Prisoners of Fortune”, etc.

The actress managed to gain widespread fame and audience recognition only in 2002, after the release of the serial melodrama “Two Fates” by Vladimir Krasnopolsky and Valery Uskov on television. Director Uskov personally fought for Semenova to get one of the main roles. He was not mistaken in his choice: the heroine Vera in her performance fell in love with a million audience.

Since then, the actress has been increasingly invited to shoot TV projects. Catherine starred in such series as the crime detective “Count Krestovsky”, the action movie “The Shootout Game”, two sequels of “Two Fates”, three seasons of “Marusya”, etc. Among the full-length films where Semenova was filmed, the most notable were Anna Fenchenko’s television drama “It Happens”, the Ukrainian film “Psychopath”, Felix Gerchikov’s picture “Pickup.  Eating Without Rules”, the dramatic film “Boomerang Hearts” and the adventure story “Barbara 3D”, released in 2012. In addition, Ekaterina Semyonova voiced the characters of a number of short films and cartoons. And also tested herself in extreme conditions in the successful project of the First Channel “The Last Hero”. The actress has a son and a daughter from two different fathers. At present, Catherine is still unmarried.