Garage Museum

Moscow, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art
Moscow, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Garage Museum Russian Museum of Contemporary Art

The Garage Museum was established in 2008. Roman Abramovich’s wife Daria Zhukova stood at the origins of its foundation. The new site was positioned as a special creative space for talented contemporary artists. For 10 years of its existence, the museum complex has reached the international level. It is one of the most demanded Russian centers of contemporary art abroad. Garage is the 5th most visited museum in Moscow.

What is remarkable about the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art is a large exhibition complex in the Russian capital. Its main feature is that along with holding exhibitions, it organizes scientific activities to study contemporary domestic and world art. There is an educational center near the main museum complex.
Employees are engaged in research work, conduct seminars and trainings for adults and children. The educational center also hosts performances by representatives of contemporary art. The Garage Museum does more than just combine exhibition and educational activities. The first public library operates on the territory of the complex. Her funds are more than 20,000 books devoted to contemporary art. Among them are the leading Russian and international art and architecture periodicals.
The Garage Library Center also has a collection of rare books on art. Another difference between the museum complex and the traditional exhibition hall is its rich archive. It is the starting point for international scientific projects, the object of research of which is art. The archive contains materials about the formation of the Russian underground since the middle of the last century. The collection includes research publications, a selection of photographs, a video archive.
The funds of the museum complex include unpublished works by contemporary artists, critical essays, exhibition catalogs and press releases of past major cultural events over a period spanning over 70 years. Who will be interested The creators of the museum claim that visiting the exhibition complex will be interesting for young artists and architects. The events are of interest to everyone who is not indifferent to contemporary art in all its forms, from pop art to neorealism and installation. The exposition and educational programs of the complex are designed for people of different ages.
Garage specialists conduct seminars and trainings for children and have developed excursion programs for schoolchildren. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in 2008 as a Center for Contemporary Culture. The center has no restrictions for visitors with physical or mental disabilities. The director of the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art supports the development of inclusion. Since 2015, the complex has been hosting free events for deaf, hearing impaired and blind visitors. Programs for such excursions and exhibitions were developed with the participation of defectologists and sign language interpreters. Guests with autism spectrum disorders can come to the museum, and special brochures are offered for them to get acquainted with the program of the event. Main exhibition There is no permanent exhibition at the Garage Center for Contemporary Art. The complex is constantly changing the program of events. Most often, within the walls of the museum you can see exhibitions of artists who have not previously brought their works to Russia. Among the demanded temporary exhibitions presented in “Garage” in different years: “Yayoi Kusama: Theory of Infinity”; “The Tree of Contemporary Russian Art”; 1960s: Touch Points; “Oh no why later” (by Katharina Grosse). Garage Museum of Contemporary Art presents the exhibition “Yayoi Kusama: Theory of Infinity”. The staff of the museum complex also create their own expositions, which are the result of research and scientific work. Over the entire existence of the center, more than 100 events have been held to popularize contemporary art.

Good infrastructure has been built on the territory of the museum complex. The center strives to create a special creative environment where visitors will become not just guests, but active participants in the process. The Garage Café is a meeting place for creative youth, researchers and researchers. The complex has a bookstore where you can buy various publications on art and culture. In 2018, the museum created its own club “Garage” – a community of like-minded people united by an interest in modernist trends in art. Club members, under the guidance of curators, attend various events and meet with current representatives of pop art and other trends.