Gzhel porcelain factory

Gzhel porcelain factory

Gzhel is one of the most recognizable symbols of Russia. Handicrafts have always been in high demand among both foreign and Russian tourists.

What is happening at the Gzhel porcelain factory now

The enterprise is located 60 kilometers from Moscow, in the Ramensky district. The extraction of clay for pharmaceutical vessels began here in the 17th century under Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, and at the beginning of the 19th century, with the discovery of white clay, the production of faience and porcelain began to develop.

The Gzhel painting received world fame in the second half of the twentieth century. Gold medals – both at international exhibitions and all-Russian. You will be introduced to the history of Russian folk craft in more detail in the museum located at the enterprise.

Gzhel porcelain factory

It is now experiencing a second renaissance since the 90s, when cheap Chinese handicrafts flooded the souvenir market. Some of the workshops have been reconstructed; both those who have worked at the enterprise for more than a dozen years, and new employees work in them.

In the workshops closed for reconstruction, at the workplaces of the craftsmen, there are still unfinished products, which receive precipitation from a leaky roof. The wood-burning stove heated the workshops and is no longer working. In the reconstructed workshops, the climate is created by modern means. Soon there will be new equipment here, and under one roof will gather the craftsmen who now work in small workshops throughout the area.

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Master classes for tourists

The company organizes excursions, and you can see how dishes and souvenirs are made, how they are manually painted, and then they are sent to dry. In a separate hall, master classes are held, where tourists create their own unique masterpiece in the Gzhel style and take it away as a souvenir.

A whole tourist cluster is now being developed. A store is open, located right at the checkpoint. It sells Gzhel at very affordable prices.

Schoolchildren on a guided tour in the Gzhel porcelain factory
Schoolchildren on a guided tour in the Gzhel porcelain factory


Excursion to the production facility, 1 hour (group of 1-5 people) 800 rubles. per person
Modeling or drawing master class, 45 min. RUB 250 per person
Master class on painting on a product with subsequent firing, 45 min. RUB 500 per person
Excursion + master class 1300 rubles. per person
Guided tours and workshops are available by appointment.

How to get there

A car
From Moscow go through Lyubertsy, on the 35th km of Yegoryevskoe highway. The plant is located in the Ramensky district, the village of Rechitsa.
From Kazansky railway station in Moscow to Gzhel station.