Russian Hair stylist Vladislav Lisovets

Hair stylist Vladislav Lisovets
Fashion photo. Russian Hair stylist Vladislav Lisovets

Vladislav Lisovets is the most famous and sought after hair stylist today. He is incredibly interesting, charismatic, and very pleasant person to talk to. Vlad organically combines incompatible things: creativity and self-organization. Thus, he skillfully manages to keep up everything – to host a positive psychological program of beauty on television, participate in a lot of different projects and, last but not least – to manage his own business. Vlad Lisovets is the owner of a chain of beauty salons “Barber’s office.” Vlad Lisovets was born and raised in Baku. He studied at the ballet school, and received musical education. He got higher education in Moscow on specialty “psychologist”.

In 1994 Lisovets moved from Baku to Moscow. He worked in the Telecenter “Ostankino” as a stylist for musicians and groups “Agatha Christie”, “Blestyashchie”, Anita Tsoi, Zhanna Friske, Valery Leontiev, for fashion-shows. Vlad Lisovets owns several beauty salons “Barber’s office.” He is a TV host of Talk show “The female form” (from September 2008), “Week-style” and “Beauty Needs” on TV “Home”. Jury member of the TV project “Top Model in Russian” on the TV channel “Muz-TV”.

Russian Hair stylist Vladislav Lisovets
Black-and-white photo of Vlad Lisovets

Russian Hair stylist Vladislav Lisovets


Vlad shared his first experience – “My older brother had a friend, a hairdresser, and one day she invited me to her room, I went and spent the whole day with her, suggesting how, in my opinion, I feel a particular color, and how it will fit one or another client. The results were very good, and then I realized that I should do it. Start was not hard, because I’m very determined person: quickly began to gain experience, dying, cutting, making hair. In my job I enjoy the most that I do not treat it as a job. For me it is a hobby, I enjoy what I do.

Style – that’s what makes others with an interest to look at the person. My own style is made up of mood. My wardrobe consists of different things, different styles, so just waking up in the morning, I know how I would look like today. In my opinion, fashion and style are two different directions and they rarely intersect. Beauty can be created.

Fashion creates a “publicized” image. And many hairdressers, often without noticing, “impose” or support these images to their clients. Thanks to the fashion people change and may be different. When something becomes fashionable, it is truly claimed, professional reproduces this or that trendy haircut, but after a year fashion will change, and he will do something else. If the professional does not follow fashion trends, he automatically becomes unfashionable.