Icon of style Renata Litvinova

Icon of style Renata Litvinova

In every woman must be a mystery. But there are women, consisting of nothing but riddles. A striking example – Renata Litvinova. We see this socialite almost every day on the TV screen or on the pages of fashion magazines. She’s like an open book, but this book is written in an unknown language. Russian Icon of style Renata Litvinova is a film actress, director, screenwriter, and fashion designer.

Icon of style Renata Litvinova
With daughter

Childhood – the most unpleasant chapter in the biography of Renata. She does not like to talk about it, even destroyed all her baby pictures. She was born 12 January 1967 in Moscow in a family of doctors. The little girl was not even a year old when her father left the family. Murat Vergazov was Tatar, descended from an ancient princely family. He was a handsome and gallant man and enjoyed attention from women. Although Alice, mother of Renata, was almost perfect: smart, beautiful, brilliant specialist in their field, Murat Aminovich loved a free life much more.

Icon of style Renata Litvinova

Childhood of Renata Litvinova

One day her father brought her expensive high-heeled shoes and a bottle of perfume – the first “adult” gift for Renata. But did they redeem the absence of paternal affection? Renata lied to all that her father was away on business. Father died early, Renata was barely eighteen.

Since the salary of doctors in those days was small, Alice constantly took extra duty, and small Renata actually brought up by grandmother. She was very bright, eccentric lady: wrote poetry, performed at Party meetings, wore fashionable dresses, used perfume “Red Moscow” and regularly visited the barber shop. Renata herself wore modest dresses, which her mother remade on Baltic fashion magazines. She was very thin, with thin clumsy hands and feet, the highest in the class.

Icon of style Renata Litvinova
Renata Litvinova as a child with her mother

Renata grew very gifted and versatile baby – a music school, dance lessons, athletics – since childhood she knew she would have to enter a theater. No, she didn’t intend to be an actress, as every girl dreamed of. She entered the scriptwriting faculty – to create her own worlds. In whichthere will not be leaving fathers, bullying boys and home made dresses without labels. And so it happened. She entered the famous Institute of Cinematography in Moscow. And was like a fish in water: among teachers and classmates found soulmates.

Renata Litvinova in her youth with her daughter
Renata Litvinova in her youth with her daughter

Personal life

Renata was called Geisha: she used a layer of white makeup, red lipstick and false eyelashes. Kept aloof, and seemed arrogant. It only attracted men. But she did not need male attention, was very independent and self-sufficient woman. She left the parental home, lived in a dormitory, then rented two room apartment with her girlfriend. There were, of course, noisy parties, and madness, and the mistakes of youth.

Icon of style Renata Litvinova
Renata Litvinova without makeup

Renata always fell in love not with a man, but talent. Of course, she had the burning passion to many teachers, but they were far as the stars in the sky. But director and film producer Alexander Antipov was close. Renata found a soul mate in him. On his marriage proposal she replied: “Yes”. Three years later, Alexander left, breaking her heart.

Icon of style Renata Litvinova
In a swimsuit

Her second marriage to businessman Leonid Dobrovskij too, proved to be unsuccessful. She faced the scandal, the courts, division of property, mutual claims and what not. Despite anything Renata allowed him to see her daughter, remembering her own childhood experience and absense of her father.

With the birth of her daughter Renata knew what happiness is. A mother is never lonely. Litvinova wants her daughter to become capricious and spoiled as most offspring of famous parents.

Icon of style Renata Litvinova
The actress became the star of the show, deciding on a bold act


Renata is often called a feminist man-hater. In her films in the spotlight women always have rich inner world, and men characters have little or no at all. Renata doesn’t consider modern man to be a hero of our time: ” It annoys me that men are now less and less divided into men and women. Men don’t mind to be like women”ю

Renata Litvinova’s world – a world of women, strong, talented, crazy, desperate in their feelings. Such as Renata herself. She is beautiful, talented, successful, independent, she earns a living. She is a demanded actress, screenwriter, director, producer, television host, author of music videos; in her piggy bank many awards, including the title of “Honored Artist of Russia”. She is filming a commercial, tries herself as a fashion designer.

Film “Three stories” (1997)

Honors and awards
  • Best Acting Debut at Kinotavr for her role in “Passions” (1994)
  • “Woman-style” Film Award for her role in “Passions” (1994)
  • Best Actress at Yekaterinburg film festival for her role in “Three Stories” (1997)
  • Best Supporting Actress at the International Film Festival “Baltic Pearl” in Riga, Jurmala, for her role “Three Stories” (1997)
  • Laurel branch for “There is no death for me” (2000)
  • State Prize of the Russian Federation for her role in “Border. Taiga Affair” (2001)
  • Youth grant Triumph (2001)
  • Best Actress at RKF “Literature and Cinema” in Gatchina for her role in “Heaven. Plane. Woman” (2003)
  • Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation (2003)
  • Best Actress for CF “Viva Cinema of Russia” in St. Petersburg for her role in “Adjuster” (2005)
  • Jury Special Mention at International Film Festival in Wiesbaden goEast for her role in “Goddess: How I Fell in Love” (2005)
  • Jury Special Mention at International Film Festival in Wiesbaden goEast for her role in “Adjuster” (2005)
  • Best Actress at Kinotavr for her role in “I’m not hurt” (2006)
  • National award of public recognition of the achievements of women “Olympia” of the Russian Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship (2007)
  • Silver Shoe 2009; Nomination № 1 “really need the money or Scam of the Year”
  • Pushkin Medal (2012)
Film “Three stories” (1997)
“Rita’s Last Tale” (2012)
Petersburg. Only for love “(2016)
Renata Litvinova’s acting work
  1. 1989 – Two arrows. Detective of Stone Age – episode
  2. 1994 – Passions – Nurse Lily
  3. 1997 – Three Stories – Ophelia
  4. 1999 – The right to choose – Nika
  5. 2000 – The Border. Taiga Affair – Albina Voron
  6. 2001 – The Black Room – croupier in a casino
  7. 2001 – Berlin Express – intelligence agent
  8. April – Nastasia – 2001
  9. 2002 – Sky. Plane. Girl. – Lara stewardess
  10. 2003 – The Tulse Luper’s suitcases (Part III) – Constance Bulitsky
  11. The Adjuster – Lina – 2004
  12. 2004 – The Goddess: How I Fell in Love – investigator Faina
  13. 2004 – Saboteur – Radio station head
  14. 2005 – Blind Man’s Bluff – The waitress / secretary Katia
  15. 2005 – Vocal parallels – Chekhov ‘s Duet
  16. Nine Months – 2006
  17. 2006 – Zhest’ (toughness) – The wife of a naked man
  18. 2006 – I’m not hurt – Tata ( Natella Antonovna)
  19. Two in one – Alice, tram driver – 2006
  20. 2007 – Cruelty – Zoya Andreyevna Vyatkina, a single woman
  21. 2008 – To Catch a brunette – woman in the photo – Masha’s mum
  22. 2009 – Laugh – wife Rose
  23. 2009 – Executive Decision! Operation “Chinese Box” – Charlotte
  24. Melody for the hurdy-gurdy – “Kitty” – 2009
  25. Alias ​​for a hero – 2009
  26. 2009 – The Golden Ratio – Katyusha, studio owner
  27. 2010 – Magic Cup Rorrima Bo – Senior Young Pioneer, witch
  28. 2010 – Diamonds
  29. 2011 – Generation “P” – Alla
  30. 2011 Hearts boomerang
  31. 2012 Girl and death
  32. Eternal Return – 2012
  33. 2012 Rita’s Last Tale
  34. 2014 Gena-Beton
  35. About Love – 2015
  36. 2015 The Last Man of Atlantis
  37. 2015 Rorrim Bo’s Magic Cup
  38. 2016 Petersburg. Only for love
  39. 2018 Despair
  40. 2021 North Wind
  41. 2004 Goddess: How I Loved
  42. 2021 North Wind
“Goddess how I fell in love” (2004)
“Changes” – this is how Renata Litvinova signed the photo of the new haircut
The Adjuster (2004)
The Adjuster (2004)