Irina Antonenko

Irina Antonenko

Actress, Miss Russia 2010 Irina Antonenko

At the age of 14, Irina Antonenko with a height of 173 cm, at the insistence of a biology teacher, took part in a casting for the title of “the first beauty” of the school. There were all the prerequisites for a successful performance. Irina took part in all creative events, performed on the stage of her native educational institution.

Antonenko took part in the competition and became the winner and owner of the Hyundai i20 car

The school beauty contest became an event, not thanks to which, but in spite of, Irina Antonenko became a famous model. The competition hit hard on the self-esteem of the cadet girl. Instead of conquering the top, the young beauty ended up behind the winners. At these moments, Antonenko decided that she would definitely achieve recognition in the world of beauty and grace.


From the moment of the first failure, Irina began to actively explore a new environment for herself. A tall and beautiful girl began to study at a model school. Ilya Vinogradov’s most popular agency in Yekaterinburg began to work with Irina.

Gradually, the first victories in local competitions began to appear. The 16-year-old beauty became the winner for the first time and received the title of “Miss Auto Sound – 2008”.

After receiving secondary education, Antonenko continued her studies at the Ural Financial and Economic Institute. In almost the same proportions, time began to be distributed between study and all that is called the modeling world.


In 2009, the capital of the Urals chose its most beautiful girl. So not the most beautiful schoolgirl turned into a symbol of the beauty of a millionaire city. The winner of the regional competition went to the main “bride” of the country “Miss Russia”. The 18th national beauty contest was held on March 6, 2010 at the Barvikha Luxury Village concert hall.

Performance on the stage of one of the most modern halls in the world ended with the triumph of 18-year-old Irina Antonenko

In addition to all-Russian fame, the girl became the owner of a substantial amount of prize money and a set of jewelry. The next summit could be a victory at the most prestigious beauty contest “Miss Universe”. On it, the beauty represented the Russian Federation.

The event took place in the American Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. As in the previous show, the victory was celebrated by the representative of Latin America – Mexican Jimena Navarrete.

Antonenko was not quite enough to enter the top ten most beautiful girls in the world in 2010. The relative failure did not in any way affect Irina’s mood. The victory won in Russia allowed him to realize himself in a number of projects not related to the modeling business.

Miss Russia 2010

After leaving school, Irina, at the insistence of her parents, entered the Ural Institute of Finance and Economics, which did not prevent her from continuing to pursue a modeling career. At the end of 2009, she won the Miss Yekaterinburg title and received an offer to represent her hometown at Miss Russia.

In March 2010, Antonenko became the owner of the title of the most beautiful girl in the country. Irina also received a gold watch with diamonds and a cash prize of $ 100,000.

Throughout the next year, Irina represented Russia in the international arena: she signed an advertising contract with the designer Philip Plein, opened the traditional Vienna Ball in Moscow, and in August 2010 performed on behalf of Russia at the Miss Universe contest.