Isolation Museum in St. Petersburg

Isolation Museum in St. Petersburg

Self-isolation Museum in St. Petersburg. The world’s first self-isolation museum appeared in St. Petersburg. A new time, a new history that is taking place right before our eyes. In the Leningrad Region, during the coronavirus pandemic, when everything around was closed, a very unusual idea suddenly arose to open such a museum.

The point is to fix this time, which none of us could have predicted. Once – and everything changed as if in an instant.

The authors of the idea want to collect photo, video and audio materials related to these months of quarantine, and you will remember what surrounded you at home, in what environment you worked and how you expected changes.

History of the Self – Isolation Museum in St. Petersburg

The Self-Isolation Museum in St. Petersburg opened on May 16. The date was not chosen by chance. Then the first in Russia online action “Night of Museums” started. A perfect birthday for a museum, isn’t it? Especially for the first self-isolation museum. So far, it exists only in a virtual format, however, like everything else during a pandemic. But it will soon come true.

What to see

At the moment, the Museum of Self-Isolation in St. Petersburg is a collection of videos from those people whose lives and work are connected precisely with the Leningrad Region. So far, a little more than ten people have spoken.

It is assumed that in the future there will be exhibits from all over the country and even the world. After all, quarantine measures have affected every country!

You can also participate in the creation of the exhibition. To do this, you need to go to the museum’s website, fill out a form and send materials.

The concept assumes that the museum will consist not only of video, but also of audio, photographs and just people’s stories about how they survived self-isolation, what they learned, what plans they made on the first day after leaving the regime, and in general, what thoughts about.

After the restrictions are lifted, the self-isolation museum in St. Petersburg will also appear offline. So far, one exhibition is planned under the title “At six o’clock in the evening after the pandemic.” The exhibits will be based in the hall of the Leningrad Region Museum Agency.