Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg

Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg 3

Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg Today there are special rules for visiting the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg, since this is not just a museum, services are held here. Before entering, you must turn off the sound of the phone and do not talk on it inside the temple. Men should enter without a headdress, while women should, on the contrary, cover their heads and also wipe off lipstick. Ladies’ trousers, short shorts or skirts are not allowed. You should talk to each other in a whisper. If you came to the cathedral with a child, and he is capricious, go out and, having calmed him down, go in again. In addition, it is forbidden to bring animals to the Kazan Cathedral, come with rollers and bicycles.

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Interesting Facts

  • The peculiarity of the cathedral was that it was built exclusively from materials of domestic production. Nothing imported, sheer import substitution. Here you have limestone, granite and marble everything is your own.
  • But the architecture, on the contrary, is far from Russian. The Kazan Cathedral was built in the Empire style. Paul the First wanted the temple to resemble St. Paul’s Cathedral in Rome.
  • The temple was consecrated in 1811, and six months later the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God was brought here.
Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg iconostasis
Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg iconostasis

What to see

A semicircular facade with 94 columns opens up to Nevsky Prospekt, to people. Inside, the cathedral resembles a Roman basilica: the room is divided into corridors, with partitions that serve as massive columns.

If you are a believer, first of all you should pray to the main icon of the temple. Whole lines of people are lining up to it.

You can see the Kazan Cathedral on your own. Take the audio guide, with its help you will see all the most important things here. In addition, you can sign up for one of the excursions, which are held every day from 10 to 18 hours, and then the guide will tell you interesting details.

Let’s remind that the temple is active. During the day, prayers and memorial services, the sacraments of weddings and baptisms are performed here.

Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg