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Kirill Grebenshchikov

Kirill Grebenshchikov is a Russian theater and film actor. He is best known for his roles in the TV series “Beautiful Seraphim”, “The Second”, “Swallow’s Nest” and the film “The Barber of Siberia”.

Born June 22, 1972 in Moscow. His father, Yuri Grebenshchikov, played on the stages of the Theater. Stanislavsky, Taganka Theater, Sh.D.I Theater, and her mother was an actress of the Theater. Stanislavsky and taught at VGIK on the course of S. Solovyov. So from an early age, Cyril was privy to the intricacies of acting.

Kirill Grebenshchikov as a child
Kirill Grebenshchikov as a child

Biography of Kirill Grebenshchikov

Parents did not discourage their son from following in their footsteps, although at that time they would have preferred that he had a different profession, because in the acting business, success depended very much on chance, and not on talent and abilities. And when it came to the theater, they gently advised their son to do, for example, art and design activities. Kirill was fifteen years old when his father was hit to death by a car driven by a famous Soviet poet.

As a result, after graduating from eight classes, Grebenshchikov decided to enter the theater and art school, where there were faculties of make-up artists, costume designers, props, lighting. However, the boy did not have artistic abilities: he failed the exams. Then he graduated from all ten classes of high school and in 1989 he was safely enrolled in the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio at the production department, where he studied for a couple of years as an artist-stage technologist.

Series Closed season 2020
Series Closed season 2020

And then he applied to the acting department, for admission to which he now only needed to go through a creative competition, which Kirill successfully carried out. At first, he was not very interested in the acting profession, but gradually more and more study friends appeared, and once after the first year, when they went together just for fun to see how the applicants were auditioning, Mikhail Labanov noticed him and offered to try his hand. And the next year, Kirill went to study for the course of Alla Pokrovskaya, whom he had already heard about as a unique teacher.

Debut on stage

In 1995, Grebenshchikov made his debut on the stage of the Theater. Stanislavsky in the production of “Summer Residents”. In this theater, Kirill worked for two seasons, also starring in the performances “The Black Man” and “Thomas Becket”. Then he was offered a small role as one of the cadets in Nikita Mikhalkov’s film The Barber of Siberia. For the sake of preparing for filming, Kirill lived for three months at a military school.

Film The Barber of Siberia
Film The Barber of Siberia

This work brought him valuable experience: Kirill could watch the play of experienced Russian and foreign actors on the set. In 1997, Grebenshchikov played for several months on the stage of the Moscow Youth Theater, and then he met with director A. Vasiliev, who deeply impressed the actor. As a result, Kirill moved to the theater “School of Dramatic Art”, to which he is still faithful. He played in such performances as “Pushkin’s Matinee”, “Mozart and Salieri Requiem”, “From Onegin’s Journey”, “The Stone Guest or Don Juan is Dead” and “Cain”. Together with the troupe of the theater, he repeatedly went on foreign tours.

Film Pupil of Wolf Messingae
Film Pupil of Wolf Messingae

Work as a TV presenter and filming in TV series

In 1998-1999, Grebenshchikov was the host of the Miracle Fairy Tale program on the Kultura TV channel. And since 2004, he began to actively appear in various television series and films, the most notable of which were “The Last Reproduction”, “Thirty Years”, “Atlantis”, “Children of the White Goddess”, “Labyrinths of Lies”, “Beautiful Seraphim”, Milkmaid from Khatsapetovka. A challenge to fate My only sin Phantom Autumn leaf Speaking about his work, the actor notes: “When you play in 7-8 TV shows a year, suddenly the sixth or seventh is exactly the one that was worth the previous five.” According to him, he prefers to play more in TV shows, because the level of full-length Russian films is also quite low. In addition, from 2003 to 2007, Grebenshchikov was engaged in dubbing audiobooks. In his spare time, the actor loves to travel.

Kirill Grebenshchikov with his wife and daughter
Kirill Grebenshchikov with his wife and daughter
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