Maria Gorban

Maria Gorban is a Russian theater and film actress
Maria Gorban is a Russian theater and film actress

Maria Gorban is a Russian theater and film actress, known for the films “Joke”, “The Smile of God, and” Purely Odessa Story “, and she is also known from the television series” Lechu “,” Kitchen “,” My Captain “.

Short biography of Maria Gorban
Maria was born on December 26, 1986 in Izhevsk in a theatrical family. Her father worked as an actor and later as a director in Yaroslavl, at the Volkovsky Drama Theater. And her mother is an actress, she worked at the Youth Theater. When Maria was 6 years old, her family moved to Moscow.

In the capital, the girl’s father worked as a director at the Satyricon Theater, Vakhtangov Theater, staged a play. Once her father brought her to the performance of Polunin and introduced her to the artists there. I watched their performances 12 times. And Maria Gorban began acting in films only because she knew that Polunin himself received such an education.

After graduation, Maria entered the acting department of the RATI (GITIS). But she never became an actress. “For four years, the teachers against my will turned me into a lyrical heroine,” said Maria Gorban. – I played Irina in Three Sisters, Lisa in The Brothers Karamazov, Mary Stuart. But after graduation, I was finally entrusted with the role of the cheerful cook Nastya from Erdman’s play. And the teachers admitted that four years had passed in vain …

For the first time, Maria Gorban appeared on the screen while still a student. She played a role in the series about school life “Simple Truths” (1999 – 2003). Then in 2004 she starred in Irakli Pirtskhalava’s video for the song “Time” and played several more episodic characters in the series “Code of Honor”, “Goat in Milk”, “Servant of the Sovereign” and others. Already by the 4th year Maria had extensive experience on the set. When Maria turned 20, she was invited to star in two feature films at once. Gorban’s characters turned out to be diverse. For example, Andrei Kudinenko’s melodrama was about the teacher’s cruel abuse of the teacher “Rally” (2008) – a remake of the painting by Vladimir Menshov, Maria played the main bitch Tanya Nesterova. And in the fantastic comedy about love of Vladimir Alenikov “The Smile of God, or Purely Odessa Story” (2008), the actress reincarnated as two lyrical young ladies – Anna and Alena. In the same year, Gorban also appeared in the lead role on television – in the TV series about medical students working in a hospital, the film “I Am Healing” (2008). Maria played the main character Leru Chekhova – a kind student, the adopted daughter of the head physician of a surgical center, who dreams of curing her brother from a brain tumor and finding out the cause of the car accident that claimed the lives of her parents. … This television series brought the 22-year-old actress her first mass fame. Maria is not afraid to become a hostage of TV shows and one role. “I hope to remain Masha Gorban, although in the TV series“ I’m flying ”I had to work a lot on myself: dye my hair and transform from a burning brunette with curly hair into a girl with sandy straight hair and a tail. .. “- the actress jokes. Following Gorban, he starred in a number of domestic TV series – “The Game”, “The Ugly Duckling”, “There is someone here …”, “Reflections”. Since 2012, Maria has been working in the rating series of the STS TV channel “Kitchen”, which tells about the vicissitudes of the team of an elite French restaurant in Moscow. In this popular sitcom, Maria played the role of a sly, effective girl, the former administrator of Christina, who managed to marry the boss – the owner of the restaurant (Dmitry Nagiyev). In the same year, Gorban appeared in the title role in the mini-series “My Captain”, where she reincarnated as the sailor Barbara, who with all her might of love tames the stubborn ship captain.

26-year-old Maria is not married, but lives in a civil marriage with the Slovak defender of the Moscow Lokomotiv Jan Dyuritsa.