Massandra wines

Tuneli Massandra and the world's largest collection of wines
Tuneli Massandra and the world’s largest collection of wines

Wines “Massandra” are an exclusive collection of alcohol, which has become the hallmark of the Crimea. The wines made from our own raw materials are of impeccable quality and unique organoleptic properties, which makes them the real pride of the peninsula. In the old tunnel-type cellars of “Massandra” the world’s largest collection of wines is kept, which was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

History of Massandra wines

Wine production in Crimea began on an industrial scale thanks to His Serene Highness Prince Mikhail Vorontsov, who brought vines to the peninsula from Greece, Italy and France. The grapes were planted in the best areas of Alupka, Massandra and Gurzuf, and later, with the personal participation of the prince, the first Crimean winery was built.

The enterprise was engaged in the production of port wines, sherry and Madeira. The high quality of alcohol was achieved by mixing different grape varieties into unique assemblies. Emperor Nicholas I highly appreciated the quality of the manufacturer’s noble drinks.

With the growth of production volumes, the number of vineyards also grew, and by 1834 their number reached 16 thousand. In the 60s of the XIX century, a descendant of the Most Serene Prince Semyon Mikhailovich Vorontsov took over the management of the Massandra plant. His excellent wines were sold in their own brand stores in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yalta and Odessa. After the death of Vorontsov, the enterprise fell into decay and was taken under the control of the Department of the Department.

Massandra wines

At the end of the 19th century, Prince Lev Golitsyn was appointed the chief winemaker of this department, making a huge contribution to the development of Crimean winemaking. Under his leadership, the first underground tunnel-type winery was built, where table and liqueur wines were made. He chose the Massandra village, located on the mountainside, as the site for the construction of his unique enterprise. Thanks to the good microclimate in this place, it was possible to produce excellent wines.

The old factory was a basement with seven tunnels, each of which was 150 meters long. The temperature in the cellars was kept at the level of 10-12 degrees, which was an ideal indicator for the aging of wines. The first wine in the cellars was laid in 1898.

Features of wine production

All alcoholic drinks of PJSC “Massandra” are made from grapes grown on the company’s own plots. The production is carried out in accordance with the classical technology, excluding the addition of artificial additives. Also, sugar is not added to the wine material.

The primary stage of production includes the cultivation and harvest of grapes, then the creation of young wine materials.

The next stage involves aging the wine in oak barrels, bottling and additional aging in bottles (used for collection wines). Young wine from the company’s own factories goes to the main factory “Massandra”. Depending on the type of drink, it is placed in large bottles or barrels.

Muscat Massandra 1895
Muscat Massandra 1895

The aging of wines takes place in the old Golitsyn cellars.

As additional procedures, the plant uses cold treatment, filtration and alcohol clarification.

Today, the main plant produces dessert and fortified wines, which are then sent to develop in four different cellars: upper, lower, new and middle. All noble drinks are aged for at least 1.5 years at a temperature separately selected for each type of wine.

The wines are sealed with cork stoppers made by the Portuguese company AMORIM. Cork is not just a way to seal alcohol, but also a natural filter that allows the drink to breathe and develop.
Collectible Massandra wines are additionally matured in bottles in a special microclimate. It is from these drinks that the legendary collection of the plant is formed.

“Massandra” wines are not only a delight in taste and aroma. The products of the factory are the object of scientific research, and some specimens of wine are kept in the museum fund and remain inviolable. You can get acquainted with the producer’s enoteka and taste the legendary Crimean wines in the tasting room, where excursions and tastings are regularly held for the guests of the enterprise.

The best wines of “Massandra”

Crimean wines are loved and respected throughout the post-Soviet space. This is due to the rich palette of flavoring and aromatic colors, in which everyone will find an example of the ideal for themselves. The distillery’s drinks cover almost all classes of wine classification: fortified, dessert and liqueur wines are produced here. The range of the manufacturer is very large, we will consider only the most famous names of wines.

“Red Stone White Muscat” is a masterpiece of winemaking art and the most famous wine of “Massandra”. It was first released in 1944 from White Muscat grapes grown near the Red Stone rock (in Gurzuf). The drink ages in an oak container for at least two years, due to which it acquires an extraordinary aroma with floral-peach shades. The taste is refined, delicate, with bright citrus tones.