Maxim Matveev

Maxim Matveev

Maxim Matveev biography

Maxim Matveev is a popular Russian actor. He was born in 1982 in the small town of Svetly in the Kaliningrad region. Soon the family moved to Saratov. As a child, Maxim Matveev already showed a desire for success, studied well at school, was exemplary and accurate. His hobbies included fencing and regular classes at an art school. His parents had a good education, but did not work in their specialties. Perhaps because of this, their son could not understand for a long time what he wants to do in the future. He was attracted to too much.

But thanks to the occasion, the fate of Maxim Matveyev was decided at his prom. Here he caught the eye of a teacher at the Saratov Conservatory, and the future actor was asked to enter the theater department. It was here, at the conservatory, that the young man’s talent was discovered. Already in 2002 (a whole year earlier, since he was admitted immediately to the second year), he graduated from an educational institution, but decided to continue to improve his skills.

Liza Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveev
Liza Boyarskaya and Maxim Matveev

And Maxim Matveev made the right choice by leaving to enter Moscow at the Moscow Art Theater School. Here again everyone noticed his talent.

After graduation in 2006, the actor received an invitation to work at the Moscow Art Theater named after Anton Pavlovich Chekhov.

Maxim was distinguished by a huge responsibility, with which he approached all his roles. Every image he carefully thought out and worked through in his head before going on stage.

That is why Maxim Matveev was in great demand not only in the theater, but also in the cinema. Valery Todorovsky already in 2006 invited the actor to the filming of his film “Hipsters”, and immediately to one of the main roles. Even before the release of this magnificent musical film, Maxim Matveev appeared on the screens in the 2007 films “Vise” (in this project of Todorovsky, many actors from “Hipsters” were involved) and “Thank you for love.”

Maxim Matveev with children
Maxim Matveev with children

Since that time, the actor began to appear regularly in films, but did not devote a lot of his time to this, focusing on acting in theaters. In addition, he took care of the arrangement of his personal life. So, he was married twice in 2008 and 2010.

Maxim Matveev, MOSGAZ series on channel 1 Russia
MOSGAZ series on channel 1 Russia

All filmography

  1. 2021 Loves Dislikes 2
  2. 2020 Sherlock in Russia
  3. 2020 Trigger
  4. 2019 Lenin. Inevitability
  5. 2019 Union of Salvation
  6. 2018 Trail of the Legionnaires
  7. 2018 Love by rules and without
  8. Wolves and Sheep: Pig Move 2018
  9. 2017 Trotsky (18+)
  10. 2017 About love. For adults only
  11. Anna Karenina. Vronsky’s story 2017
  12. Trotsky 2017
  13. Anna Karenina (2017) 2017
  14. Mata Hari 2017
  15. 2016 Investigator Tikhonov
  16. 2016 Bremenie robbers
  17. Contribution 2016
  18. 2014: loves not loves
  19. 2014 Fort Ross: In Search of Adventure
  20. Besy (2014) 2014
  21. 2013 Weekend
  22. 2013 love for love
  23. Yalta 45 2012
  24. 2012 Military Hospital
  25. Zonnentau 2012
  26. Mosgaz 2012
  27. Santa Claus always calls … three times! 2012
  28. August. The eighth 2012
  29. Happy new year, mothers! 2012
  30. 2011 Fairy tale. there is
  31. 2011Wedding by exchange
  32. On the hook! 2011
  33. 2010 Tula Tokarev
  34. 2009 Pelagia and the White Bulldog
  35. 2008 New Year’s tariff
  36. 2008 Stylish
  37. 2007 Vise
  38. The chicks
  39. Demons


Dubbing actor
  • 2015 Aldabra. Journey to the mysterious island
  • 2014Penguins of Madagascar
Salvation union
Salvation union
Understudy actor
  • 2008 Inhabited island
  • 2008 Inhabited island. Planet Saraksh
Vise Movie 2007
Vise Movie 2007
Trigger 2020
Trigger 2020
Film Anna Karenina 2017
Film Anna Karenina 2017
Movie Dudes 2008
Movie Dudes 2008