Moscow illustrator Alexey Kurbatov

Moscow illustrator Alexey Kurbatov. Charles de Gaulle
Charles de Gaulle

Moscow illustrator Alexey Kurbatov is perhaps the most demanded on the domestic scene of modern magazine printing. The atmosphere of his work touches everyone. Restrained palette, contrasting graphics and clear images coupled with watercolor leave nobody indifferent. I should add that Alexey Kurbatov is self-taught, and that alone is inspiring.

Alexey Kurbatov – the author of illustrations for projects:

  • Snob,
  • Men’s Health,
  • GQ,
  • Kommersant,
  • Lebedev Studio,
  • the Republic,
  • and others.

“No Vector image can be called graphics if we want to throw a magazine or a book into the trash after reading. I specifically draw long and hard, so it would be a pity to throw away. And it may be the hardest part of this – you will always treasure and love what you draw, and the other is a completely uninteresting. So if you say “cool” – I think the mission is completed”.

Moscow illustrator Alexey Kurbatov. Charles Aznavour
Charles Aznavour, Moscow illustrator Alexey Kurbatov

“I’m left-handed, so what? But it says that I’m always all allowed, not retrained on the right-hander. So if I have decided that I need to earn money, not to learn – I went to work, instead of studying in university. I did not get higher education. And now it is not proud. Come and learn – respectable professionals can correctly say. I justify myself, I answer that I draw from morning till night. One comission, then immediately the other, followed by a third. Obtained as with the soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner … what’s to be proud of? Is that what it is all about the free man himself, even if another decisions might be better”.

“Once I thought that a large number of people remain in office, not because their work involves the community, but because they are used to be part of something. The kindergarten, grade school, a group of institutions, etc. Head – a tutor, teacher, mom and dad, a collective image. When I felt that I could live without the chief and the team – it was a real insight”.

All about the wonderful Ukraine and without politics. 12 topics have grown into a five-meter tape, where each plot moves to another. Russian artist Alexey Kurbatov