Natalia Bardo

Natalia Bardo in a dress by Annette Hoffmann
Natalia Bardo in a dress by Annette Hoffmann

Natalia’s maiden name is Krivozub. Her father was a European track and field champion and field athletics among juniors in the discipline of pole vaulting. Mother was engaged in entrepreneurship. However, the future actress was brought up only by her mother, since her parents divorced.

She was an active child, while studying at school she went in for sports, ballet and rhythmic gymnastics, went to an art school, and also studied at a music school.


Natalia Bardo actress, singer, TV presenter

At the first opportunity, Natalia made her film debut, starring in a small role in the film “Pushkin. The Last Duel ”at the age of 18. She took part in the popular project of the TNT TV channel Dom-2, spent six months there. However, Natalia Bardo has not only an acting school, but also a banking college, which would have allowed her to find an application if her career on the screen did not work out.

Natalia Bardo

But already in 2006-2007 the series “Cursed Paradise” was published, followed by “Cursed Paradise-2”. And Natalya herself changes her father’s surname to a more euphonious mother’s surname with French roots and now appears in the credits as Bardot. In 2012 she graduated from the Shchukin School, officially receiving the specialty “Mastery of the actor”. At 32, the actress can boast of having starred in 41 films. In addition, Natalia is actively filming in video clips.

Chopard Earrings
Natalia Bardo in Chopard Earrings

Natalia was married to businessman Sergei Rusakov. But the marriage, having officially existed for only three years, fell apart. Now Natalia married to director Marius Weisberg. The couple are raising their son Eric. Read more on Wikipedia

dress by Ralph Lauren
Natalia Bardot in a dress by Ralph Lauren
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