October 21 Multicolored Umbrellas Day in Russia

October 21 Multicolored Umbrellas Day in Russia
When you are happy, then the autumn becomes colorful … you do not notice the rain, but only colorful umbrellas!
As you know, nature has no bad weather! However, if you suddenly meet an autumn rain on your way, it’s better to open an umbrella. And did you know about this date – The multicolored Umbrellas day which is on 21st October?
Meanwhile, umbrella since ancient times has been protection from rain, snow, sun, and an important detail of the toilet. Of course, today you do not surprise anyone with an umbrella. However, many seek to have not only a beautiful, but also a fashion accessory that will attract the attention of others. And if you want to find out what your umbrella says about you, then this article is just for you.

So, let’s start with the color of the umbrella, which can tell about the character and temperament of a person quite a lot. So, psychologists offer such a description of color preferences.

Beautiful installation of umbrellas of different colors. October 21 Multicolored Umbrellas Day
Beautiful installation of umbrellas of different colors. October 21 Multicolored Umbrellas Day

First, the black color of the umbrella means that you have an almost male character. In this case, you do not care about the comfort in the house, moreover, you consider such occupation as cleaning, for instance, very boring.

Next, ladies who prefer flowery patterns and colorful umbrellas. They are ordinary cheerful girls whose faces are always smiling, and who always have a great mood even in the most difficult life situations.

And checked patterns of umbrellas, as a rule, prefer rather conservative individuals who love constancy. Besides, they do not want to change their attachments and habits.

But the transparent umbrella (by the way, my umbrella) can mean only one thing: you are a glamorous and refined person who likes to stand out, does not want to be like others. In addition, you constantly demonstrate this fact to everyone around.

Autumn is a time of colors and joy
Autumn is a time of colors and joy

Also, we can judge about a person according the shape of his umbrella. In particular, if your umbrella is compact, and its folded size can fit an ordinary purse, it means that for you the appearance plays an extremely important role. On the contrary, if this accessory is a huge cane, then it speaks of the romantic nature of its owner.

The umbrella has long ceased to be a luxury for us and turned into a necessity. And did you know that an umbrella appeared over the head of a man more than 3 thousand years ago as a sign of a high position in society? The homeland of the umbrella historically can be considered China or Egypt, where it, like fan, was the privilege of kings and nobles from around the 11th century BC. The invention of the modern umbrella design is English traveler and publicist John Hanwe (1772).

They say that fictional character of Andersen – Ole Lukkoye had colorful umbrellas, and he opened them over obedient children, at night so that they had wonderful dreams! Meanwhile, on this day, 21 October colorful umbrella installations appear in different corners of our planet.

As an example of celebrating the day of colorful umbrellas – a celebration in Tver, the old Russian city. Within the framework of the festival, took places fascinating master classes, where one could, learn to make appliqués, umbrellas from balloons and just have a great time. Of course, alongside with songs and dances the visitors and guests of the holiday were told the story of the appearance of the umbrella.

The alley of flying umbrellas of various colors. Art installation in St. petersburg
The alley of flying umbrellas of various colors. Art installation in St. petersburg

October 21 Multicolored Umbrellas Day in Russia

I mix the autumn rains,
And to each droplet I will add
Shades of mood improvement …
And you save them, little ones …

Here the emerald rain falls,
Bringing sea greetings and inspiration,
And yellow from the Sun we need
To make the poem shine …

Lilac rain hid the tenderness,
So warm, and almost summer …
And suddenly the green rain drop cried –
But nobody noticed it here …

Look, what a beautiful white dress …
It is almost a snowflake
Behind the collar got the drop
And burned a little bit cold ice …

Orange is very hasty …
And, ahead of all, hurries with smiles …
Slow and almost lazy
The blue rain is foggy-unstable …

Biscuit, clove and scarlet
Drips drops from colorful rain …
And Autumn starts just … wait, please …
And we’ll go for a walk with you … without an umbrella!

Lara Mishanova, 2010. Translation – allrus.me

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