Olesya Malinskaya

Olesya Malinskaya Olesya Malinskaya

Russian Megan Fox Olesya Malinskaya (real name Olesya Sidorchik) is from Volgodonsk, born April 5, 1989. She moved to Moscow in 2006. Thanks to her beautiful appearance and rich sponsors, she could start a career in Moscow. First of all, she improved her appearance – changed the shape of the nose, enlarged breasts, and lips. And now, people call Olesya Malinskaya “Russian Megan Fox”. The aspiring model and fashion designer, Olesya has created her own fashion house «Olesya Malinskaya». The first show was held at the Fashion Week in Moscow on 26 October, 2012. To the surprise of the organizers of the show, the statistics of visitors surpassed any expectations, which has become an incredible sensation.

Olesya Malinskaya

According to Malinskaya, the list of guests included a number of well-known companies and stars of the film business, visitors from Europe, America and Dubai. Fashion House «OLESYA MALINSKAYA» continues to delight all fans with beauty and charm. This project offers the good quality and unique style, which is a combination of fashion design studio and a beauty salon. The place where every woman will be able to prepare herself in the best way and to look beautiful to any important event. Olesya herself, as well as her fashion designing ability are a subject of rumors, from admiration to complete rejection and exposure, but the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Olesya reasonably prefers not to tell about her past private life.

Her first husband was Anton Malinsky, a successful lawyer and a generous man. Olesya participated at the contest Miss Maxim 2009 and was titled “Miss Soho Rooms”. Night Moscow life attracts Olesya, and she is often seen at social events, night clubs, and restaurants. Now she is divorced.

Photo of Russian Megan Fox Olesya Malinskaya