Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova at Vetements
Olga Buzova at Vetements

Olga Buzova is a Russian TV presenter, actress, singer, writer and “socialite”, who gained scandalous popularity after many years of participation in the TV show “Dom-2” and active promotion in the media space.

Short biography of Olga Buzova

Olga Igorevna Buzova was born on January 20, 1986 in Leningrad in the family of a soldier Igor Dmitrievich Buzov. From an early age, she was distinguished by high intelligence, which gave her mother, dentist Irina Aleksandrovna Buzova, the opportunity to consider her daughter a child prodigy and enroll a five-year-old girl in school.

Olga was able to master the training program designed for older children, and thanks to her energetic and sociable nature, she became popular among her classmates. The future celebrity learned to earn money from the age of 13. And she got a job as a camp counselor. At 15 she was able to get a job in a modeling agency. Even then, Olga dreamed of becoming a People’s Artist, but after graduating from high school with a silver medal, at the insistence of her parents, she entered the geography department of St. Petersburg State University.

Olga Buzova
Sisters – Anna Buzova and Olga Buzova, participants of Dom-2

Olga Buzova’s life

In 2004, a fateful event occurred in Buzova’s life – she joined the ranks of the participants of the TV project “Dom-2”. It eventually gained fame as the most scandalous and long-running show in the history of Russian television. For the first time on the screens, Olga stopped with a shock of blonde hair arranged in a kind of vermicelli on her head. The girl’s excessively dark skin testified to a passion for tanning.

Outrageous TV shows are revealed specific potential Buzova. Highly acclaimed young audiences program, and allowed Olga to quickly become a sex symbol of the project, together with another eccentric party – Alena Vodonaevoy. Buzova formed a harmonious couple with Roman Tretyakov and managed to stay in the show for four years. Participation in the “House-2” was the perfect stepping stone for building a career on television.

In the period from 2005 to 2006, Olga, together with Roman Tretyakov, hosted a youth talk show “Roman with Buzova” on the TNT channel. A year later, Buzova tried on the role of the host of a TV show in the computer game “Black Mark”, she also had her own category ” Beware, stylists!” In the program “Morning on TNT”. The same year, 2007, Olga became the host of the 7th international beauty contest “Miss Russian Radio 2007”. Parallel with her career on television, Buzova publishes two books one after the other. “Roman with Buzova” and “The Case in the Hairpin”. Tips for a stylish blonde.

Olga Buzova
Olga Buzova at Vetements

“Having earned a promotion in 2008 from an ordinary participant of Dom-2 to a co-host, Olga is on a par with the main “socialite” of the country and the first host of the show-Ksenia Sobchak. Buzova begins to actively promote her own name, participating in other entertainment projects of the TNT channel. Together with Tretyakov, she starred in the program “Robot Child”, where she tries herself as a nanny for an interactive doll. Olga regularly appears on other channels – “First”, “Russia-1”, “Muz-TV”, “MTV Russia”, NTV, becoming known, including for an audience far from “Dom-2”.

Olga Buzova’s acting career

In 2008, Buzova began her career as an actress, starring in a cameo role in the popular youth series “Univer”. In a few years, Olga will play similar roles in other projects – “Zaitsev + 1” (2012) and “Bartender” (2015). Buzova skillfully exploits the demand in the media: in order to popularize the volunteer movement. In 2009 she became a member of the special campaign headquarters “Train of Youth” under the auspices of the Ministry of Sports, Tourism and Youth Policy.

Successful work on television allowed Buzova to enter the top three TV presenters according to Komsomolskaya Pravda. In 2010, Olga first appeared on the theater stage, playing the main role in the play “The Honeymoon”. Having earned positive reviews, Buzova played in the play “Chic Wedding” instead of Maria Kozhevnikova, which was held in the State Duma.

Olga Buzova
Buzova, Lada Dens, Prokhor

Personal life of Olga Buzova

Olga’s cherished dream is still a career as a pop singer. Buzova began to try herself in this capacity in 2011, releasing the first single ” Don’t forget!”, But she really managed to do it five years later. Suddenly the case helped. After marrying the football player Dmitry Tarasov, a glamorous TV presenter some media called “Russian Victoria Beckham”. The union of the two celebrities with huge fees seemed harmonious and strong. But no deal saved from a noisy divorce with the subsequent division of property.
Buzova received a severe moral trauma, but her natural enterprise and developed connections suggested a brilliant “horse move”. Buzova skillfully played the image of an abandoned woman, and in a few months turned into one of the most popular Russian singers.
In one 2017 year, Olga recorded seven singles and starred in two video clips, in the following 2018, five more singles and six video clips were released. Buzova captured the covers of glossy magazines and began to break records for the number of subscribers in social networks.

Olga managed to do everything: travel around the country on tour, star in numerous TV shows, give dozens of interviews, run her own YouTube channel and restaurant business. Constant reproaches for the lack of voice and artistry did not reduce Buzova’s popularity at all. Olga did not miss any opportunity to increase her fame, willingly participated in new projects with scandalous coloring. Buzova dreamed of meeting with a new chosen one, for which she started the TV show “Marry Buzova”. But the winner turned out to be a fraud.

All filmography with Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova continues to experiment, which is not hindered by a number of public scandals. High-profile stories haunt Buzova both during concert performances and in commercials. But work on the effectiveness of her own PR. Olga brilliantly indulges the demands of the public and finally cemented the status of one of the highest-paid stars.

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