Olga Fadeeva Russian and Belarusian actress

Russian actress Olga Fadeeva
Russian actress Olga Fadeeva

Olga Fadeeva is a famous Russian and Belarusian actress. She was born in Minsk in 1978. Her parents were professionally engaged in ballet, performing on local stages. That is why the girl really dreamed of becoming a ballerina. However, she was unable to enroll in a ballet school and she had to start his studies at the theater school.

Short biography of Olga Fadeeva

After graduating from this institution, the girl decided to go further and entered the Belarusian Academy of Arts. At this time, she had already stopped regretting the failed fate of a ballerina and devoted herself entirely to acting. During her studies, she began acting in music videos for pop artists, in particular, Alexander Malinin. At the same time, Olga Fadeeva will make her debut on stage. Director Boris Lutsenko, who is directing Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, invited a young girl to play the main role. The aspiring actress coped with her role just amazing.

After graduating from the Academy of Arts in 1999, Olga Fadeeva and several other graduates of her year received invitations to join the troupe of the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater. Since that time, the actress began to consider the phrase “Theater is the knowledge of life”as her life credo.

A year later, the girl was invited to play in a movie. The first work was a cameo role in the Belarusian film “Zorka Venus”. Nevertheless, Olga Fadeeva also interested Russian directors. Already in 2001, the TV series “Accelerated Help 2″ appeared on the screens of the country, in which the Belarusian star played a trainee Masha. In 2002, Olga Fadeeva also starred in the TV series ” Law ” and “Wish Fulfillment Hotel”.

Olga Fadeeva Russian and Belarusian actress

The real popularity came to the actress after she received an invitation to shoot the TV series “Soldiers” – as a result, she got the main female role. From that moment on, she began to act regularly in Russia and was loved by many viewers for her sincere performance and beauty.

At the same time, the actress did not leave the theater stage and even managed to engage in her own personal life. Olga Fadeeva has a loving husband and son.

All filmography

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