Painting In the Countryside by Ivan Shishkin

Ivan Shishkin. Painting “In the country. (Near the dacha) , 1894
Ivan Shishkin. Painting “In the country. (Near the dacha) , 1894

Painting In the Countryside by Ivan Shishkin is a pacifying landscape that gives a feeling of freshness and demonstrates the beauty of Russian nature

“At the Dacha” is a famous painting by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin, created in 1894. The master depicted a summer birch grove. In the center of the composition is a girl in a white blouse and a dark skirt. The young lady sits, thoughtfully leaning her elbows on the back of the bench, and listens to the birds’ trills. In his left hand is a pink umbrella, next to it on a bench is a book.

The meadow was surrounded by high birch trees with lush crowns. Through the slender rows of trees that bathe in the rays of sunlight, the calm surface of the pond is visible. The saturation of foliage, barely perceptible ripples on the water, a cozy yellow-sandy cover of the earth in the meadow delight the eye with juiciness, naturalness and freshness. The landscape, executed in green and ocher palette, invites the viewer to enjoy the harmonious unity of man and nature.

Title of the painting: “In the country. (Near the dacha) “.
Author: Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin (1832-1898).
Year of writing: 1894
Size: 73.5 x 105.5 cm.
Style: Realism.
Genre: Landscape.
Technique: Oil painting.
Material: Canvas. Location: State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan.

Ivan Shishkin is a famous Russian painter and printmaker, master of the landscape genre, who worked in the second half of the 19th century.

Painting “In the country. (Near the dacha) “is written in the usual handwriting of Ivan Ivanovich in a manner reminiscent of the French impressionists. The author tried to capture the moment when the heroine of the plot, who had previously read the book, put the novel aside and plunged into dreams. And he succeeded to the full. The picture breathes with the scent of a warm forest, and the fragile girlish figure breathes with tranquility.

In 1898, the Kazan Art School organized an exhibition of Russian art, which was attended by some teachers of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. Among them was Ivan Shishkin.

The artist presented the works “At the Dacha” and “Polyanka”. The lightness and vivacity of the landscape “Near the dacha” immediately attracted the attention of the audience. The city authorities of Kazan turned to the master with a request to leave the work, which deeply impressed the public, in Tatarstan.

The landscape painter, who dearly loved his small homeland, agreed with pleasure. By a sad coincidence, a telegram with this news was sent on March 8, 1898 – on the day of the artist’s death. The painting “In the Countryside” by Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin is one of the brightest gems in the collection of the Kazan Museum of Painting. The masterpiece attracts the attention of visitors with its masterful performance and poetic mood.