Park Walnut Grove

Park Nut Grove in Anapa

The scent of this park cannot be confused with any other. The air is saturated with roses with a sweet aftertaste, to which coniferous notes are added. And when you reach the descent to the pebble beach, you will feel the salty breeze.

The Walnut Grove Park in Anapa is located on the Vysoky Bereg. A corner appeared right in the center of the city where both locals and tourists like to relax.

The park began with walnut seedlings. But today more than two thousand coniferous and deciduous trees flaunt on six hectares. Roses are a separate conversation. There are an incredible number of them in a variety of colors! In summer, the park seems to be buried in their petals.

Linger here after sunset – the park is open until 10 pm. Sit back on a cozy bench and gaze at the Walnut Grove in the warm light of the lanterns. Those who have been to the Black Sea coast know that evenings here have a special charm.

Park Walnut Grove

History of the Park Walnut Grove

After the Great Patriotic War, there was a wasteland on the site of the park. Just scorched earth. About any roses that we see now, then there was no question. Local residents just wanted to improve this part of the city, and began to plant trees. It is easy to guess from the name that most of the seedlings that were brought here are walnuts. A Crimean pine tree has taken root next to it.

And so the grove turned out. Then it was not called a park. There were ordinary paths here, and picnics with barbecues and barbecue were arranged under the trees. Over time, the grove became unkempt and lost its appearance due to the fact that it was littered.

The modern history of the Orekhovaya Roshcha Park in Anapa began only in the 2000s, when the authorities decided to invest in the restoration of the grove. The old trees were cut down and new ones were planted. We made walking paths, installed benches, laid out flower beds and planted roses. The park was fenced off from all sides – now bonfires and dog walking are prohibited here. And they left the beautiful name – “Walnut Grove”.

Park Nut Grove in Anapa

What to see

The Walnut Grove Park is one of the most visited places in Anapa. Despite the large number of tourists, the park is spotlessly clean, as if its paths are washed from morning to evening. The lawns are well-groomed, there are benches everywhere: sit and admire, do not think about anything.

A special pride is the rose garden, the largest on this coast. Just imagine how more than six thousand rose bushes bloom in a variety of shades at the same time!

Recently, photo exhibitions have begun to be held here. Basically, they are dedicated to the park itself, but you can also see rare footage of Anapa buildings from different times.

Park Walnut Grove

Park “Nut Grove” at different times of the year

To see the park in all its glory, come here in late spring or summer. At this time, the “Nut Grove” turns into a lush, bright, fragrant rose garden. Scarlet, tea, white, pink flowers surround tiled paths on both sides. There is a fountain, and children can ride swings and slides.

In September, you will still find the park in bloom. Later in the fall, it turns green-yellow: due to conifers in combination with deciduous ones, which are transformed at this time. You can walk, rustle the leaves and enjoy the sun until the first frost.

Park Walnut Grove