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Pavel Priluchny

Pavel Priluchnyi Biography

Pavel Priluchnyi spent his childhood in the city of Berdsk near Novosibirsk. The boy, under the influence of his parents, attended various sections, was engaged in dancing, boxing, vocals. Pavel even became a candidate for master of sports, but the young man did not work out with boxing. In the process of training and competition, he received concussions several times, and therefore decided to quit the career of an athlete.

Film “Queen of Beauty”

Priluchny did not want to stop there, so he packed up his things and left for Moscow. In the capital, he entered the Moscow Art Theater School (course of Konstantin Raikin). But he never finished his studies, leaving the institute for the sake of his beloved American actress Nicky Reed, who is known for her role as Rosalie in the “Twilight” saga. But the romance of the two actors did not last long.

After parting, Pavel Priluchny again entered the theater university, only now the young man chose GITIS, which he graduated in 2010. By this time, the young actor had already appeared in several projects: “Children in a Cage” (2007), “School No. 1” (2007), “Web” (2007), “Club” (2009), “Travelers” (2007) Priluchny became famous after the release of Pavel Sanaev’s film “At the Game” (2009).

The film
The film “Retribution”

In it, the aspiring actor played one of the main roles the role of the cool gamer Doc, who immediately fell in love with millions of viewers.

In 2010, viewers saw the sequel to the film “At the Game 2. A New Level”. At the same time, Priluchny starred in the film “Children under 16 In 2011, Pavel appeared in several television projects at once. He took part in the comic show “The Couple of Pinochet”, starred in the series “Lavrova’s Method”, “Closed School”. In the latter, the actor got the controversial role of a teenager, the son of wealthy parents, who, for all his cynicism and cruelty, is very vulnerable.

TV series Up of the Mind 2019
TV series Up of the Mind 2019

On the set of the series, Pavel met his future wife, actress Agata Muceniece.

Pavel Priluchny starred in such films as “The Life and Adventures of Mishka Yaponchik” (2011), “Suicides” (2012), “New Year’s Trouble” (2012), “Gamers” (2012), “Nightingale the Robber” (2012), “Dark World: Equilibrium” (2013), “Secret City” (2014) and others.

In addition to film works, the young actor also has theatrical performances.

Pavel Priluchnyi performs on the stage of the theater on Malaya Bronnaya (since 2012 Theater named after M.A.Bulgakov).

In 2014, Pavel appeared in the role of a former representative of the golden youth, forced to plunge into the work of law enforcement agencies, in the TV series Major. This project has become a long-term actor for the actor. In 2021, the fourth season is being prepared for release, and at the beginning of the same year, a full-length film of the same series was released.

Pavel Priluchnyi, Movie
Movie “Escape from Hell”

However, in addition to “Major”, the actor participates in other projects. For example, in 2016, he starred in the lead role in the TV series “Run!” and the film “Love with Restrictions”. In 2017, the film “Frontier” is released, in which the hero of Priluchny moves from the present during the Great Patriotic War. In 2018, he could be seen starring in the film “Kilimanjara” and the TV series “Yellow Eye of the Tiger” and “Retribution”. 2019 was no less poor in terms of projects with Pavel. The series “Ghost”, “In a Cage”, “Woe from Wit” and the historical film “Union of Salvation” were released, where the actor played the role of the commander of the Vyatka regiment Pavel Pestel.

Pavel Priluchnyi with wife and children
with wife and children
In recent years, Pavel continues to actively act in films and TV shows.

He starred in the title role in the film “The Shadow of a Star”, and in 2021 he is preparing to release the thriller “Lie to Me the Truth” by Olga Akatieva.

In 2013, Pavel Priluchnyi became a father for the first time. His wife Agata Muceniece gave him a son, Timofey, and in 2016 they had a daughter, Mia. However, the marriage of Paul and Agatha ended in divorce in 2020.

Pavel Priluchnyi with his wife Agata Muceniece
with his wife Agata Muceniece
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