Polina Maksimova

Polina Maksimova

Polina Maksimova is a Russian actress. Born on July 12, 1989 in Moscow.

Polina was born in the family of actors Vladimir and Svetlana Maksimov. The girl showed a lively character as a child and, like many actresses, was already actively interested in acting, went to a special circle, participated in various events.

Classes in the circle and acting skills helped Polina to enter the Higher Theater School named after him. Shchepkina. However, the career of a television actress for the girl began already during her studies. In 2008, she starred in the TV series “Take Me with You”, where she played the cameo role of Natalia Kvitko. Nevertheless, the bright blonde did not go unnoticed, and after the release of the series, Pauline was showered with invitations to take part in the shooting. The actress starred in such TV series as” Angel Wings”,” Two Love Stories “and”Love in a Manger”.

In 2010, Polina graduated from the theater school as a well-known television actress. She has participated in 10 television projects. Polina’s graduation work was the role of Larisa Ogudalova in the play “Dowry”, which she had dreamed of since childhood. In addition to her, Polina dreamed of playing Catherine II and Olga Zotov from the story of Alexei Tolstoy “The Viper”. For the sake of her dream, Polina is even ready to shave her head or give up makeup during filming.

In addition to the “Dowry”, Pauline managed to show off her talent on stage in the play “Blaise” by Claude Magnier, where she played Genevieve. However, despite her theatrical education, Polina is more in demand as a television actress and appears mainly in TV series. Mostly she is invited to cameo roles, and for all her time working in film projects, she has become a kind of master of the episode: her acting talent allows her to emphasize the uniqueness of her heroine.

However, with the increase in the number of projects, the roles themselves, their quality and significance have also changed. The actress took part in the filming of such films as” Promotion”, in which she got the role of a friend of Krainova, and” Bombed”, where Polina played the daughter of a huntsman. In 2009, she was invited to play the main role in the TV series “The Last Cordon” and “Two Anton”.

Shooting, of course, takes a lot of time and effort. In an interview with journalists, Polina replies that she has almost no time for family and recreation while reading books. Even lunch has to be done in a hurry, as she spends her breaks in the locker room.

Polina as a bright attractive blonde does not remain without attention of men’s magazines. In 2012, Maxim magazine published a photo shoot with her participation.

In the same year, Polina began acting in the TV series “Deffchonki”, where the actress got the role of Olga Rzhevskaya. According to the story, Olga recently broke up with her husband and is looking for a new boyfriend. In the meantime, she lives with three friends, not caring about the state of her wallet and spending money right and left. Naturally, the heroine has some similarities with typical serial blondes: she does not shine with intelligence and is not particularly diligent in her studies. Nevertheless, the actress claims that Olga is very different from her peers, it is only necessary to look at her more closely.