Resort and port on the southern coast of Crimea Yalta


Recreation and entertainment in sunny Yalta. Yalta port

Yalta is a small resort town on the southern coast of Crimea, which also houses a seaport for cargo and tourist ships. Together with the settlements and beaches adjacent to this city, an extensive resort structure called “Big Yalta” is formed. Half of the nine hundred hectares of the territory is occupied by luxurious, green thickets of exotic plants.

Yalta has a conditional division into three regions:

New Yalta, where you can feel all the dignity of civilization. Developed infrastructure, luxury hotels, new buildings – all this is concentrated here.

Old Yalta, delighting the eye with the tranquil beauty of old houses and streets. A slight touch of abandonment does not prevent it from turning every evening into an entertainment center with a concentration on the Embankment.
Chekhovo, a village that became part of the city, in which the famous writer created his immortal works in the country, now turned into a House-Museum named after him. This area, built up with rich villas, is located to the west of the center.

The nature and climate of Yalta

Yalta occupies the southern part of the Crimean coast, limited from the west by Cape Ai-Todor and from the east by Cape Montedor. The north of the city is reliably protected by a majestic setting in the form of an impressive mountain range. The ridge of mountains delays the penetration of cold air masses in winter and dry, sultry winds of the Tauride steppes in summer. The duration of solar time in Yalta is about 2250 hours a year, like in other Mediterranean resorts!

The entire southern part of this city is at the disposal of the sea coast. The subtropical Mediterranean climate, landscape features, as well as the favorable location of the city in favorable latitudes create all possible conditions for effective recovery and wonderful rest. Yalta is rightfully called the pearl of the Black Sea.

Resort and port on the southern coast of Crimea Yalta

Yalta beaches

For a long time, Yalta beaches were washed away by the waters of the Black Sea, almost the entire coastline was a landslide zone. Only in the middle of the 20th century, the coast began to be strengthened with retaining walls, special trenches were dug on the seabed and covered with stones. Therefore, at this time, the steep banks have been turned into beaches suitable for recreation. The length of the beaches of Big Yalta is about 59 kilometers, but the beaches of Yalta itself are crowded in the summer season.

Local Yalta beaches are mostly pebbly, with steep shores, sharply going into the depths of the sea. The depth increases very quickly, so it is necessary to keep an eye on the children bathing in the azure sea water. Of the many beaches of hotels and sanatoriums that are always open to vacationers, one can single out Massandrovsky, which occupies the central place of Yalta, as well as the beach of the Livadia sanatorium. Massandra beach provides free admission and all necessary services. There are also paid sites where you can get a relaxing holiday with increased comfort.

Resort and port on the southern coast of Crimea Yalta
Embankment in Yalta
Attractions of Yalta

The city of Yalta itself is an open-air attraction, in which the estates and mansions of the Russian nobility and modern buildings harmoniously fit into the natural landscape. Big Yalta was a favorite place of the Russian aristocracy, who began to come here after the royal family.

There are a lot of interesting places of historical and cultural nature to visit in Yalta. The main attraction of the resort can be called the Livadia Palace, which previously served as their summer residence for the Russian emperors. Now the building has the status of a museum, but various receptions of international importance are still held here. A tour of the palace will culturally and spiritually enrich vacationers.

Be sure to visit the Swallow’s Nest castle located right on a steep cliff. This is a kind of symbol of Yalta, reminiscent of its architecture of a knight’s castle of the Middle Ages.

Resort and port on the southern coast of Crimea Yalta
Swallow’s Nest. Crimea. 1904 year

In the northeast of Yalta, there is another palace that belonged to Emperor Alexander III. Later it served as a resting place for Stalin and other important officials. The Massandra Palace is like a fabulous, chic tower, hidden among a picturesque park with cypresses, junipers, orange and olive trees. The intricate architecture with twisted staircases, many galleries, terraces and delicate balconies will leave an enthusiastic impression.

It will be interesting for both children and adults to visit the Fairy Tale zoo, where you can feed animals and birds from different parts of our planet with your own hands.

Modern Yalta with its enchanting atmosphere presents a picturesque mosaic of hills, indented with winding streets, old parks, hospitable buildings of sanatoriums, ocean liners shining in the sun, adjoining the city embankment, new high-rise quarters and comfortable hotels.

The embankment is a favorite place of leisure for vacationers and Yalta residents themselves. All entertainments and pleasant places of rest are concentrated here: restaurants, shops, casinos, dance halls, cafes and attractions. Life is in full swing, not fading for a minute. From here you can go on a boat trip or yacht and enjoy the gorgeous view of Yalta from the water.