Rock Golden Gate in Crimea

Rock Golden Gate in Crimea

You have probably seen this majestic stone arch more than once: its image is on postcards, and it appears regularly in films filmed on the peninsula. The Golden Gate Rock in Crimea is one of the main local attractions. It is located right in the sea between the villages of Koktebel and Kurortnoye and is familiar to many tourists as the Devil’s Gate.

There are two ways to admire this unusual natural object. Take an excursion to the Karadag reserve located nearby and look at the mountain from above. Or sign up for a walk along the Black Sea and see the arch very close. It is not recommended to sail under it – it is dangerous. But captains of small yachts and boats often break the rule for the sake of the delight of tourists.

Rock Golden Gate in Crimea

The Golden Gate Rock in Crimea is also famous for its swimming places nearby: the water there is clear, turquoise, dolphins often frolic in the water area. Nearby there is a narrow pebble coastline, however, you can get there only by boat. Tourists often negotiate with fishermen or rent boats for a secluded getaway overlooking the arch.

History of Golden Gate Rock

Geologists say that it is more correct to call this mountain outlier a rejected rock. Allegedly, many centuries ago, part of the Karadag massif, which is a volcano, moved away. According to another version, at the dawn of the formation of the local relief, there was no sea coast. But then the water flooded one of the peaks of Karadag. Be that as it may, it has been proven that the arch is already several million years old.

The Golden Gate Rock in Crimea got its name for its special amber color, which can be observed in sunny weather. All thanks to the basalt in the composition of the rock, reflecting light. The height of the ridge is slightly more than eight meters, and the same amount is under water.

Rock Golden Gate in Crimea

Many legends are associated with this place. Previously, people believed that if you walk under the arch, you can be transported to the other world. There are also literary myths. Biographers of Alexander Pushkin argue whether the poet was in Koktebel. He definitely traveled around Crimea, but did he stop by the village? Some people think so, because in the drafts of Eugene Onegin there is a drawing of a rock very similar to this one. It is curious that devils are dancing around her in the image. However, it could be the writer’s fantasy, he loved to draw in the fields.

Rock Golden Gate in Crimea

What to see

In addition to the arch, it is worth seeing the mountain-volcanic massif Karadag in all its glory, it is located right behind the famous rock. Thanks to the eruptions that happened several million years ago, the area has acquired an unusual shape. You can spend hours looking at the bizarre peaks and hills.

Rock Golden Gate at different times of the year
You can see the attraction in any season. The main thing is that the sea is calm and the ship can pass through the waves.

If you are passionate about photography and want to photograph how the sun rises right in the gap of the arch, come to Koktebel in winter. Only at this time of the year, closer to the solstice, December 21-22, it turns out to take such a shot.

Rock Golden Gate in Crimea Rock Golden Gate in Crimea Rock Golden Gate in Crimea Rock Golden Gate in Crimea

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