Russian Barbie Valeria Lukyanova left Ukraine

Russian Barbie Valeria Lukyanova left Ukraine

World famous beautiful 29-year-old Russian Barbie Valeria Lukyanova has left Ukraine for good, since life in Odessa has become unbearable for her. Valeria Lukyanova was attacked by mass media after she has posted photographs about her visit to Russian Crimea in early July. Valeria Lukyanova has posted the pictures in Yalta on the background of the Black Sea, on her vkontakte page, which became like a red rag to a bull for all Ukrainian nationalists, Russophobes, including the Western press. So, July 29 The Daily Mail published an entire article condemning Russian Barbie for visiting Russian Crimea. In this situation, all came to the point of absurdity – Russian Valeria Lukyanova was condemned for supporting Russia.

Cheiloplasty, plump lips
Cheiloplasty, plump lips

To leave Odessa has become the only option for Valeria, the same as for most Russians living in Ukraine, depriving the possibility even to speak their own language, to say the least. “Everything that I do not need, I will cut off. The next step is to cut off Ukraine completely, because all I get here – it’s crap. Why waste my life on this? “- said Lukyanova. “I do not care for the opinion of the press, and the Western press even more”. You do it right Valeria, you lost nothing, this is Ukraine who has lost the world most famous living Barbie (All Russia).

Valeria and her husband, businessman Dmitry Shkrabov have been happily married for more than ten years. The childless couple have left Odessa without hesitation, as their mother Odessa has turned to be their stepmother now, full of hate and intolerance toward them. Russian model, singer, spiritualist Valeria Lukyanova was born on August 23 1985 in the USSR, her mother (bd September 15) is Siberian born (Anzhero-Sudzhensk, Kemerovo region) Irina Pashkeyeva.

Valeria Lukyanova has visited Crimea not for the first time, three years earlier, in July 2011, she went there as well.


Valeria Lukyanova photo

After cheekbone plasty
After cheekbone plasty
Valeria Lukyanova with her mother
with her mother
Before plastic surgery
Before plastic surgery


Big eyes of Valeria Lukyanova
Big eyes
Valeria Lukyanova as a child
as a child
Valeria Lukyanova before and after plastics
before and after plastics
Valeria Lukyanova with her husband
with her husband
Before and after Valery Lukyanov
Before and after
Living doll Valery Lukyanov
Living doll