Russian footballer Alexandr Kerzhakov

Russian footballer Alexandr Kerzhakov was born November 27, 1982, Kingisepp, Leningrad Region. Striker Aleksandr Kerzhakov plays for FC Zenit Saint Petersburg and the national team of Russia. Alexander Kerzhakov is known for his powerful style of play and is a known goalscorer. Top scorer in the history of the “Zenit” (148 goals). Honored Master of Sports of Russia. His father, Anatoly Raphailovich Kerzhakov in his youth played football for the second league team “Khimik” (Dzerzhinsk). He became the first coach of Alexander and invested much skill in him. Alexander was the first child in the family – he has a younger brother, Mikhail, who is also a professional footballer – goalkeeper.

footballer Alexandr Kerzhakov

The famous footballer Alexander Kerzhakov, who became famous as a tireless scorer can not score during last six months. Many experts attribute his bad luck with troubles in his personal life: a heavy divorce proceedings with his ex-wife, a strange story about the disappearance of a large sum of money, the negative atmosphere within the “Zenit”.


The story of how Alexander Kerzhakov lost 330 million rubles from his bank account, made a lot of noise. It took place against the background of loud divorce with the former footballer’s wife – Maria Golova. Divorce is not formalized, and Masha requires half the amount from all accounts of a millionaire athlete. Of course, such turmoil in his personal life affects the player’s game.

footballer Alexandr Kerzhakov

Personal life of Alexandr Kerzhakov

Maria Golova married Alexandr Kerzhakov in February 2005. She bore him a daughter Dasha and for some time felt completely happy. And then wishers began reporting Masha that her husband had been seen in a company of a young lady, then the other. His wife did not believe the rumors but, alas, rumors proved to be true.

Katya Lobanova (Safronova) and Alexandr Kerzhakov
Katya Lobanova (Safronova)

One day Mary came to the stadium, without informing her husband. And saw in a room under tribune him kissing unknown blonde. There was a silent scene, and later the scandal broke. Kerzhakov, according to the publication in Express-gazeta, kissed a young married woman named Kate.

In 2006, the hockey club SKA St. Petersburg made a beauty contest among his cheerleaders, that’s how Katya Lobanova (Safronova) became known to the fotballer. Recently, at the end of April, Kate gave birth to a son of Kerzhakov. She shared her joy on the internet. But Alexandr for some reason did not want to talk about it. Those who know Kerzhakov say he is unlikely to marry soon. Alexandr Kerzhakov is divorced. His daughter from first marriage – Daria was born September 7, 2005.


In 2005 Alexandr Kerzhakov was engaged in the restaurant business and opened two cafes of Russian cuisine. In 2010 Kerzhakov entered the St. Petersburg State Engineering and Economic University. December 25, 2010 he took part in a humorous program “ProjectorParisHilton.” In 2010, starred as himself in the movie “Freaks”. February 6, 2012 was officially registered as a trustee (a total of 499) of presidential candidate Vladimir Putin.