Russian jeweler and stone carver Vladimir Kamenev


Russian jeweler and stone carver Vladimir Kamenev. Contemporary Russian master of Glyptic Vladimir Kamenev creates in the same traditional way – using a drill, sharpened nails at different angles and a set of abrasives. Subtle details have been drawn into sharp pieces of diamond. Creation in intaglio technique the plot of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Virgin of the Rocks” took the carver more than a year, and “The Last Supper” – about two years of hard work. Complex multi-figure compositions by Russian artist V.Kamenev on subjects of paintings by Leonardo and evangelical scenes have no analogues in the world.

Stone carver works Vladimir Kamenev

“… A diamond can not be considered a work of art. Stones of known shape and carved image on them are much more interesting, even if they themselves were not particularly remarkable, they represent documents of imperishable art of all times and have great value to the historian of art and culture. Ptolemaic cameo in this sense is much more valuable and has a much deeper meaning than the largest diamond adorning some crown”. R.Brauns. “The kingdom of minerals.” St. Petersburg., 1906.

Collecting carved stones was passion and privilege of the powerful. No exception was the Russian monarchs. Passionate collector of gems was Empress Catherine the Great.