Russian witch Viktoria Raidos

Russian witch Viktoria Raidos. The final of the Battle of Psychos
The final of the Battle of Psychos of the 16th season, December 2015. Russian witch Viktoria Raidos

Russian witch Viktoria Raidos

She has become the winner of the “Battle of Psychos” of the 16th season, thus taking the top place on the magician Olympus. Born Viktoria Germanovna Raidos, on December 27, 1976 in St. Petersburg, Viktoria inherited her psychic abilities from her grandmother. The woman says little about her family, and the biography of Viktoria is unknown. All public information is based only on her pages on social sites, and my personal observations as a “Battle of psychos” viewer.

The name of Viktoria Raidos stands among the best healers in Russia. Viktoria Raidos is a practicing magician and healer. She teaches at the St. Petersburg Academy of Tarot. Fans of Viktoria Raidos know her as “Elf”. Even as a little girl, Viktoria was very different from her peers, in particular, could see the dead, and predict the tragic events and catastrophes. With respects to the deceased, preserving their peace and patiently explaining something to the alive, she uses her power for good.

Russian witch
The strongest participant of “Battle of psychics” of 16th season, Russian witch Viktoria Raidos

Viktoria Raidos became widely known after her participation in TV project “Battle of psychics” of 16th season.

The audience immediately identified her as one of the strongest participants of the popular project.
As a true witch with several diplomas of esoteric schools, she reliably hides the names and dates of her relatives’ birth dates in fear of damage and the evil eye. It is known that Viktoria is married and is raising a little daughter.

Mystical woman Viktoria Raidos

The winner is a strong woman, wise, and extremely resistant. Throughout the “Battle of psychics,” she kept cool, and was the only one of all the participants, who could literally read thoughts of the dead and alive. She skillfully separates the real and mystical, speaks clearly, and knows how to hit the target. Every gesture, every look, and every word – all of her shows the incredible power. And kindness. Truly strong, she was seen in those moments when she suffered the fate of heroes, and her sincere desire to help. And when Victoria smiles, there is a feeling that everything is really well. In that smile is warmth and comfort.

Her beautiful appearance, black eyes, almost bottomless, attract and captivate. Under the guise of seriousness and stealth is hiding an incredibly kind person, helpful and sincere. She uses her power for good. Witch or priestess, with respect for the magic, careful, and calm. She does not go on about the blind desires and quietly ponders her every action. She is serious, but in her heart there is no darkness. And she is able to give hope and faith with her own strength.

Russian witch Viktoria Raidos photo

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