Russian women winners of international beauty contests?

Russian women winners of international beauty contests, Julia Kurochkina
Julia Kurochkina

Russian beauties: Russian women winners of international beauty contests? Yulia Kurochkina

Let’s remember Russian girls who conquered the world with their beauty.

In 1992, a Russian woman took part in the Miss World contest for the first time. The honor of representing the country fell to Yulia Kurochkina, an 18-year-old resident of Shcherbinka near Moscow. It was her candidacy that was preferred by the demanding jury of the competition.

Julia became a model at the age of 14, and went to Miss World as a first-year student at the Financial and Economic Institute (Moscow). At the same time, Kurochkina did not take part in casting at beauty contests. The girl agreed to participate simply because she wanted to “see the world.” Julia really visited many countries, but did not make a modeling career. Kurochkina returned to Russia, married a loved one and gave birth to a daughter.

Russian women winners of international beauty contests, Oksana Fedorova
Russian women winners of international beauty contests: Oksana Fedorova

Oksana Fedorova

Perfect facial features, Hollywood smile, height 178 centimeters this is what won the jury of the Miss Universe contest 23-year-old Oksana Fedorova in 2002. By the way, then the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, was the owner of the competition. At that time, the girl studied at the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (St. Petersburg). However, just four months later, the organizers canceled the contract with Oksana. This happened at the competition for the first time in more than half a century of its existence.

Russian women winners of international beauty contests?

According to the official version, this happened due to Fedorova’s failure to fulfill her obligations. After receiving the title, the girl had to participate in many charity events. And be sure to be there in person. And Oksana, including because of her studies, spent a lot of time at home in Russia. Trump spoke about this very tactfully and said that Fedorova was “a very good person” and he has no complaints about her. Also, Donald did not confirm the rumors that the newly minted Miss Universe is pregnant and is going to marry her chosen one in Russia. The jury of the competition did not find any evidence of such claims.

Oksana herself explained the refusal of the title by the fact that she decided to calmly graduate from the university and get a law degree. Remaining in her native country, Fedorova made the right decision: she became a popular TV presenter, recorded several songs, starred in serials and happily married, having given birth to two children.

Russian women winners of international beauty contests, Natalia Glebova

Natalia Glebova

The name of the girl who won the Miss Universe pageant in 2005 is not as popular among Russians as the name of Fedorova. However, one should not be surprised at such “non-promotion” of the model in the vastness of our Motherland. After all, Glebova did not represent Russia at the legendary competition, but Canada. It was there that the Glebov family emigrated from Tuapse. Natalia was then only 13 years old.

Before participating in Miss Universe, the girl was a model and studied at Ryerson University (Toronto) as a specialist in marketing, management and commerce in the field of information technology. And then she won the Miss Canada national show.

Russian women winners of international beauty contests, Natalia Glebova with her daughter
Natalia Glebova with her daughter

In 2005, Miss Universe was held in Thailand. In the future, Natalya very closely linked her own life with this country. The girl founded her firm Fa Glebova International there and received many advertising contracts. In 2007 Natasha married the famous Thai tennis player Paradorn Srichapan. But after four years, the marriage broke up. Glebova’s next choice was Dean Kelly, who won the 2001 Mr. Panama contest. Soon the couple had a daughter, Maya.

Ksenia Sukhinova

Ksenia Sukhinova

“It is impossible not to notice her. The Lord rewarded her with everything necessary to become a winner this is how Viktor Garabazhiy, who heads the center for the development of students’ creativity at the Tyumen Oil and Gas University, described Sukhinova. Ksenia studied for some time in his studio. The 21-year-old native of Nizhnevartovsk won the Miss World contest in 2008. Thus, she became the second winner from Russia in the entire history of international shows. But unlike Fedorova, Xenia did not have to return the crown.

While participating in the Miss Tyumen and Miss Russia contests, the university administration decided to go to a meeting with Sukhinova, transferring to an individual training schedule. After winning Miss World, Ksenia honestly worked out the title by visiting third world countries. Then the girl became a professional model. The most famous was her collaboration with the fashion house of Valentin Yudashkin.

Ksenia Sukhinova
Russian women winners of international beauty contests: Ksenia Sukhinova

In November 2010, Sukhinova demonstrated the designer’s outfits at the opening of the Volvo salon as part of the Moscow Fashion Week. And in December, she became the face of the Yudashkin jewelry collection, presenting to the public jewelry made of white gold with white and black diamonds. Also, Ksenia, together with Vladimir Ivanov, demonstrated Yudashkin’s jeans collection. At the show, Sukhinova appeared in the form of a diva with bright lips, lush hair and bleached eyebrows.

In 2017, the girl starred in Dima Bilan’s video for the song “Hold”. Filming took place in Lisbon and lasted three days. And in March 2018, Sukhinova appeared in the artist’s new video for the track “Girl, Don’t Cry”.

Kira Kazantsev
Russian women winners of international beauty contests: Kira Kazantsev
Kira Kazantsev

In numerous articles about this girl, two facts most often appear: Kira is the daughter of emigrants from Russia and speaks fluent Russian. Indeed, the family of the Miss America 2015 winner moved to the United States from Moscow in 1990.

The girl’s father works as an oncologist surgeon, and her mother is a realtor. Kira was born in San Francisco in 1991. Already in her teens, the girl took part in many beauty contests and was quite successful. So at the age of 16, Kazantsev won the Young Miss California title. After some time, Kira moved to New York to enter Hofstra University. Visit to the Motherland

In an interview with the Brooklyn Day edition, the beauty said that she has a lot to do with Russian culture. For example, as a child, she went to a Russian-language school, and she really liked it. And in New York, Kira spent a lot of time in the Russian-speaking community. In addition, Kazantsev came to Russia several times to visit her grandparents. But the visit to the historical homeland apparently did not impress the model very much. Kira admitted in an interview with the Atlantic City Press that after a trip to Russia she began to value her American citizenship very much.