Sakura in St Petersburg

Friendship Garden on Liteiny, sakura
Friendship Garden on Liteiny, sakura

They love to watch how cherry blossoms bloom not only in Japan, where it comes from, but also in St. Petersburg. Its lush bloom so attracts Petersburgers and guests of the northern capital that they are looking forward to the coming of spring year after year. After all, it is at this time that a lush cherry tree blooms. Cherry orchards bloom for a short time, within one week. But, as noted in the Committee for the improvement of St. Petersburg, the petals can fall off even a couple of hours after the final opening of the buds.

Friendship Garden on Liteiny Avenue. Sakura in St Petersburg
Sakura in St Petersburg

List of places where in St. Petersburg to see cherry blossoms in 2021.

1. Garden of Friendship

This place is considered a real piece of China in St. Petersburg. Firstly, because the opening of the garden is a gift to the city from Shanghai in honor of its 300th anniversary. Secondly, the materials from which it is made were also brought from there. The place is very cozy. On the territory there are structures made of stones, a waterfall, a stream, and fountains. The garden is decorated with apple trees, pines, willows. And in spring, sakura blooms here, and it blooms earlier than all – in early May. Crowds of people gather to look at it and make memorable shots against the background of pink flowers.

Friendship Garden on Liteiny Avenue

2. Botanical Garden Peter the Great

Another place where the cherry tree blooms before everyone else. This long-awaited event is celebrated at the Sakura Matsuri Festival. Also, for two days, you can get acquainted with traditional Japanese art. By the way, the Botanical Garden has a Japanese garden decorated with sakura trees.

Seaside Victory Park
Seaside Victory Park

3. Seaside Victory Park

An excellent place on Krestovsky Island, not only for admiring pale pink flowers, but also for a leisurely walk, as well as for active pastime. In the spring, trees bloom here, including sakura, there is a pond, an exit to the bay. There are cafes and sports equipment rental offices. And in winter you can go skiing or ice skating. Both children and adults will find entertainment in the Seaside Park.

4. Garden-parterre of Smolny

Garden-parterre of Smolny
Garden-parterre of Smolny

A large and cozy park is located near one of the main attractions of St. Petersburg – Smolny Cathedral. Here in May beautiful Japanese cherry blossom trees bloom, which attract not only local but also passers-by tourists. Anyone can freely visit the garden.

5. Park of the Decembrists

An excellent place for walking and recreation for residents of the Vasileostrovsky district. In 2011, the park was completely reconstructed: old trees were cut down, new ones were planted, flower beds and flower beds were laid out, new paths were laid. Sakura blossoms here in spring. An incredible sight.

Park of the Decembrists. Sakura in St Petersburg
Park of the Decembrists. Sakura in St Petersburg
Where else to see sakura

But these are not the only places where Japanese trees bloom. The delicate pink plant adorns other gardens and parks of the city:

  1. garden “Vasileostrovets”,
  2. Kamsky garden,
  3. garden “Silver Pond”,
  4. park “Quiet Rest”,
  5. Vera Slutskaya’s garden,
  6. Opochininsky garden,
  7. Lanskoy garden,
  8. Sampsonievsky Garden,
  9. Vyborg Garden,
  10. Children’s park and square on Magazeynaya street in Pushkin,
  11. City Garden and Commune Square in Kolpino.