Serdar Kambarov makeup artist, whose services are used by celebrities

Serdar Kambarov
Serdar Kambarov makeup artist

Serdar Kambarov is a top-class makeup artist, whose services are used by Russian pop stars. The man gained wide popularity thanks to the show “Reboot”, where he became part of the team of presenters. He maintains a personal blog where he shares photographs of his work and details of his life.

Biography of Serdar Kambarov

Serdar Kambarov was born on March 25, 1985 in the city of Ufa. The makeup artist’s parents came to the Republic of Bashkortostan from the Far East. They met during a music concert. Serdan’s father is a creative person. He played in the “Bal site” team.

The head of the family is from Turkmenistan. Therefore, his parents insisted that he should marry exclusively a Turkmen woman. Because of this, the lovers met in secret. To get away from restrictions, they moved to live in Ufa, where Serdar was born.

Serdar Kambarov and his wife Anastasia Pogudina
Serdar Kambarov and his wife Anastasia Pogudina

Mixed blood flows in the veins of the stylist. However, Kambarov himself considers himself a Bashkir.

As a child, the young man was often ridiculed by peers because of his appearance. He is not the only child in the family, Serdar has a sister. In addition to the general, they attended a music school together. The young man learned to play the clarinet.

Having received secondary education. Kambarov entered the art school. As a student, he moonlighted as a street musician to earn some money for a living. Besides music. Since childhood, Serdar was fond of dancing. Later, thanks to his wife, he will get acquainted with the world of fashion and design.

Serdar Kambarov in his youth
Serdar Kambarov in his youth

Personal life

Serdar Kambarov met his wife through dancing. At first, Anastasia perceived a man exclusively as a colleague. However, during the pair production, the girl seriously injured her leg. In the hospital, Kambarov did everything. to make Nastya feel comfortable. It was the care from the partner that awakened tender feelings.

Anastasia Pogudina gave birth to her husband two adorable children. The son was named David, and the daughter Amelia. 11a on his Instagram page. Serdar regularly uploads photos with his wife and children. Judging by the happy faces in the pictures, love and mutual understanding reign in their family.

Serdar Kambarov with children
Serdar Kambarov with children


Serdar Kambarov got acquainted with the world of design and fashion thanks to his wife – Anastasia Pogudina. The girl launched her own clothing line Anastasiya Appesu. With his wife, the man began to attend fashion shows. The industry captivated him in earnest.

Kambarov began to train models, namely, to apply makeup to them. The stylist’s sudden talents have saved shows from failure more than once. Serdan began to study professionally in the beauty industry, and in particular in makeup. He studied with top makeup specialists.

It took the make-up expert about 5 years. to become a true master of their craft. The make-up artist opened his own studio and beauty school Serdar Kainbarov School. He conducts lessons for everyone, where he talks about the secrets of successful and harmonious makeup.

Command show reboot
Command show reboot

Thanks to his fame and professionalism, in 2016 Kambarov was invited to the role of the host in the show “Reload”. On the project, his colleagues were Evgeny Zhukov and Ksenia Borodina.
At the same time, the makeup artist maintains a personal blog. 11 on his Instagram page, a man uploads a photo of his work. The specialist also created his own website where he promotes services.

Serdar Kambarov now

For 4 years, the specialist hosted the program “Reload”. In 2020, Serdar announced his retirement. The specialist is actively developing the author’s school of make-up and make-up Serdar Kambarov School. By the end of the year, the makeup artist’s Instagram surpassed the 2 million subscriber mark.

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