Sergey Makovetskiy

Sergey Makovetskiy

Sergey Makovetskiy was born in Kiev in 1958, the actor is “twin”, and his surname is the maiden name of his mother. The boy received his mother’s surname, because his father left her immediately after the birth of Sergei.

Sergei’s mother was a worker at the Vulkan plant, so the boy spent his childhood in barracks and hostels, the family did not have enough money. At school, Makovetsky’s teacher staged together with the students a production based on Ostrovsky’s play “The Forest” and asked Sergei to play the role of Neschastlivtsev. It was playing in a school play that Makovetsky decided that he would become an actor, although before “Les” he dreamed of being a pediatrician (in the summer on vacation he was often asked to sit with small children).

Sergey Makovetskiy with wife
with wife

Sergey Makovetskiy After leaving school

After leaving school, the athletic guy who almost became a member of the water floor team failed the entrance exam to the Kiev Theater Institute. But Sergei did not despair and worked for a year as an assembler at the Lesya Ukrainka Theater, the next year he went to enroll in Moscow as an applicant.

At GITIS, he passed the exam in Raikin’s workshop, but Raikin did not like him. The guy liked Oleg Tabakov, but he, knowing that Sergey Makovetskiy was engaged in water polo, decided not to take him with the wording “an athlete can be taken from the institute to the army”. So Makovetsky entered the “Pike” and ended up in 1980 at the Vakhtangov Theater, where he received the roles of supporting roles.

72 meters, 2004 film
72 meters, 2004 film

After working there for two years in unimportant and secondary roles, the student of Anna Kazanskaya’s workshop went to the cinema.

Makovetsky’s first film role in the film “Take it Alive!” came to him in 1982, but the first role in which he was recognized as a good actor took place ten years later in 1992 in the film “Patriotic Comedy” by Vladimir Khotinenko. At the same time, he also revealed himself as a theater actor in Viktyuk’s productions of The Master’s Lessons, where Makovetsky played the role of Shostakovich and M. Butterfly ”with the role of Galimar. He was also highly appreciated by Pyotr Fomenko in his play “Your Sovereign Father,” where Sergei Vasilyevich played Tsarevich Alexei.

Sergei Makovetsky as Ivan the Terrible
Sergei Makovetsky as Ivan the Terrible

In the cinema, after working with Khotinenko, good proposals went: “Zhmurki”, “It Doesn’t Hurt Me”, “Burnt by the Sun-2”, “72 Meters”, “12” and other films, made Makovetsky a “star” of Russian cinema. In 2011, Sergey Makovetskiy played a major role in the television series of the First Channel “The Case of the deli # 1”.

Since 2004, in animated films about Russian heroes Makovetsky has constantly voiced the Prince of Kiev: “Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin the Serpent”, “Dobrynya Nikitich and the Serpent Gorynych” (2006), “Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber” (2007), “Three Heroes and Shamakhan queen “(2010),” Three heroes on the distant shores “(2012). In the Russian version of Tim Burton’s film “Alice in Wonderland”

Film “12”, 2007

Makovetsky voiced the White Rabbit.

On September 19, 1992, Makovetsky received the “Honored Artist of the Russian Federation”, and in 1994 he was recognized as the best dramatic actor in Europe. In 1998, Sergei Vasilievich became “People’s Artist of the Russian Federation”. Sergey Makovetsky is married to Elena Makovetskaya, who worked for a long time at the Odessa Film Studio. The couple met at the studio when Sergei Vasilyevich played the role of Semyon Kotko and ran past Elena, who jokingly said “marry me”. He married six months later and since then the couple has been inseparable.

Film “Zhmurki”
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Sergey Makovetsky with an award