Siberian beauty Maria Sharapova

Siberian beauty Maria Sharapova
Siberian beauty Maria Sharapova

According to Forbes Russia, worldwide famous tennis player Maria Sharapova has topped Russian celebrities.

Maria Sharapova about herself

The Siberian Times has interviewed Maria. ‘I am really happy and proud of where I come from,’ Maria Sharapova said. ‘It’s fun to hear when they announce me and they don’t just say born in Russia, they actually say I was born in Nyagan, Siberia. ‘Every time I hear that, you can hear the crowd go ‘whoa.’ Like, I don’t think people actually realize that’s where I was born. When they say it, I feel so proud. ‘It’s like when they say I’ve won a Grand Slam or been Number One, when they say where I am from, I get goosebumps because I am so proud of coming from there and getting to the position I am in today.’

According to Forbes, the Russian celebrity number one income for the period 1 June 2012 to 31 May 2013 was $ 29 million. Beautiful, successful and young Maria was born in a Siberian remote oil town of Nyagan.

Siberian beauty Maria Sharapova
Little Maria at her parents’ flat in Nyagan, Siberia

Personal life

Beauty blonde has regularly appeared on the pages of magazines and newspapers. Large companies are willing to choose her as their “face.” Sharapova has had contracts with Nike, Sony Ericsson, Tiffany, Prince, Land Rover, Canon, Evian, etc. And the more time she spends on tournaments, advertising, the less time is left for private life.

Siberian beauty Maria Sharapova
Grandmother with her granddaughter Maria, aged one, in Siberia

The first romance happened in 2005, with the American tennis player Andy Roddick, who was 5 years older than Mary.
Then she came out with Charlie Ebersol, a young producer and the son of a major TV magnate. They were surprisingly nice pair – both rich, both famous. However, Charlie gave his way to Slovenian basketball player Sasha Vujacic.
With Sasha Vujacic Maria developed the strongest relationships. A year after they met, in the fall of 2010, 26-year-old athlete gave his girlfriend a ring. They both were ambitious and full of the most ambitious plans, seriously thought about family life. But the relationship ended in the collapse. “It was a wonderful time for both of us, but we became more and more difficult to combine graphics. Of course, we have great respect for each other. I still think Sasha is my very close friend”.

Siberian beauty Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova and Alexander Gilks

Right now Maria is dating with British millionaire Alexander Gilkes, whom she will soon marry.