Tatyana Arntgolts Russian film actress

Tatyana Arntgolts Russian theater and film actress, TV presenter
Tatyana Arntgolts Russian theater and film actress, TV presenter

Tatyana Arntgolts: the first marriage is unsuccessful, the new husband of the actress is a handsome actor

Tatiana Arntgolts is a successful actress who is loved by millions of TV viewers. Each film with her participation is a separate story that I want to revise more than once later. And even if this is a series, it must be watched to the end, because the magnificent Tatiana Arntgolts plays there.

Tatiana and Olga are twin sisters. From childhood they knew that the family is the main thing. Now their family has become even larger, because each has a husband and children. We have already talked about Olga Arntgolts and her family happiness. If anyone missed, you can go to the page.

Today we will talk about the family of our older sister – Tatiana. Although they are twins, Tanya was born 20 minutes earlier, so she has the right to call herself an older sister and give advice to the younger one. But they studied together and got their first role in one series – “Simple Truths”. They played two sisters Katya and Masha Trofimov.
But the first leading role before the older sister was given to Olga. In 2001, she appeared in the 30-episode melodrama Three Against All, where she played the orphaned daughter Elena Vlasova. And Tatyana got the central role only in 2003, when both of them were invited by director Rauf Kubaev to shoot a 4-serial detective “Why do you need an alibi?” (Angelica and Natasha)

First marriage

Young, successful Tatiana Arntgolts has always attracted the attention of male actors. Being free, I tried to build relationships with Artem Tkachenko, Alexei Panin and Anatoly Rudenko. But youthful love for some reason faded away. The beauty was jealous of everyone who passed by, and then regretted that they did not see in her a beautiful, faithful girl.

And on her way, Ivan Zhidkov met. Also an actor, but sedate, understanding. He saw loyalty, sincerity in her. They started dating. And in 2008 they started a family.

A year later, Ivan and Tatyana Arntgolts became parents. In September 2009, their daughter Masha was born. For each of them, the family was more important than their career. But suddenly Ivan for some reason became jealous of Tatiana, either to work, or to partners on the set. Quarrels corroded love deeper and deeper, so the couple decided to leave. In 2013, they announced a divorce.

Second marriage

Tatiana tried to find her love again. She fell in love with Grigory Antipenko and they began to live together. But it was not destined to reach the registry office, since they parted, deciding that this was only a great friendship, but not love.

But vivid feelings flared up between the actress and Mark Bogatyrev. The handsome actor managed to endure a painful parting with Elena Podkaminskaya, suffered depression. Together with Tatiana, calm, gentle, kind, he felt happy. No wonder they already started a family in 2018, although they did not arrange a magnificent wedding.

Now Tatiana and Mark are together. They are happy and confident that this is forever. Recently Tatiana wrote on Instagram:

It was a wonderful summer !!! Homemade, family, roast, with the taste of the sea and happiness !!! Family is power !!!! Autumn time and all its charm is ahead!

Yes, family is a great strength. Feels like love lives here.