The Mikhailov brothers

Since 1982, the twin brothers (Mikhailov brothers) have co-authored more than twenty exhibitions of jewelry art in Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as in 1984 in the All-Union exhibition “Contemporary Jewelry Art” (All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art). In 1991 they took part in the All-Union Exhibition “Jewelry Art of Russia” (Moscow Kremlin. Belfry). In 1992 they took part in the All-Union Exhibition “Russia” (Manege. Central Exhibition Hall).

The Mikhailov brothers are participants in international exhibitions and competitions

1988 – International exhibition of jewelry art “Silver-88” (Poland. Legnica). 1989 – International Exhibition-Competition “Color” (Poland. Legnica). 1989 – International Exhibition “Silver, Wood, Pearls” (Poland, Legnica). 1992 – International Jewelry Fair (Manege. Central Exhibition Hall). 2000 – Exhibition “To Your Name” (Central House of Artists. Moscow). 2001 – Exhibition “Moscow – Petersburg” (Manege. Moscow). 2002 – exhibition “70 years of Moscow Union of Artists” (Moscow. Manege).

The works of the Mikhailov brothers are in private collections in Russia and abroad

For the definition of jewelry by the artists of the Mikhailov brothers Alexei and Andrey, the motifs of flora and fauna have a form-building meaning. Pure expressive forms, as if ringing from inner tension, made with the use of new technologies, achieve true artistic perfection.

The Mikhailov brothers
Earrings and necklace.
jewelers brothers Mikhailovs

In geometric – irregular shape, but surprisingly laconic and at the same time spectacular decorations, the metal seems to lose its dryness and “come to life” thanks to the dynamic texture and picturesque color scheme of the product surface.

The creative atmosphere in which the designers – jewelers brothers Mikhailovs create their works, allows them to develop projects and make products in a very wide range of styles. Thanks to this, each piece is distinguished by its artistic uniqueness and gives any costume features of originality, which is especially important in our modern life. These non-standard compositions are an excellent example of a skillful and harmonious interpretation of images and become a true piece of contemporary jewelry art with deep content.

The jewelers of the Mikhailov brothers have an emphasized nobleness of natural stones, the most sophisticated metalworking technique and a stunning beauty of a combination of a fascinating composition with harmonious accents. Their works are particularly light and extremely high-tech, since Mikhailovs Andrey and Alexey are not only professional designers. But also talented craftsmen, capable of creating compositions with a rich thematic repertoire and a clear organization of decor elements.

Mikhailov brothers
Earrings. The Mikhailov brothers