The most beautiful bridges in Moscow

The most beautiful bridges in Moscow

Did you know that there are more bridges in Moscow than in Venice? In the Russian capital, there are already more than 450 of them, and in the Italian city there are fifty fewer. The plans of the Moscow building complex are constantly drawing new projects. The Moskva River stretches for 80 km within the city limits, and urbanists see certain problems with routes between the banks in the future.

Andreevsky bridge

The most beautiful bridges in Moscow: Andreevsky bridge

Andreevsky bridge Sometimes on the maps it is marked as Novoandreevsky. For at this place at the beginning of the 20th century there was a bridge with the name Andreevsky. And at the turn of the new millennium it was moved to Gorky Park and now it is called Pushkin Park.

The modern Andreevsky Bridge is part of the Third Ring Road. There is also a railway bridge adjacent to it, on which the MCC train runs. It is possible to walk across the bridge, but it is not a comfortable walk. It is better to look at it from the side of Neskuchny Garden or from the observation deck at the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

By the way, there are townhouses on Andreevskaya embankment near the bridge, where apartments cost fabulous money. Rent per month will cost 1.2 million rubles. Admiring luxury, you can proceed to the Andreevsky Monastery and admire the ancient temple architecture.

Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge

The most beautiful bridges in Moscow. Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge

It was built in 1937, and the first major overhaul was carried out in 2019. Reconstructors say that now it will last another hundred years. The bridge connects Vasilievsky Spusk and Varvarka Street with Bolshaya Ordynka.

The bridge is listed as a cultural heritage site. From it you can look at the Kremlin, Zaryadye Park, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and on the other side is the Balchug Island. The angles for travel photos are amazing. Do not be too lazy to drop in here after sunset, when the building lights come on.

The overpass inevitably becomes a participant in high-profile news. It was on it that the German adventurer Mathias Rust landed in 1987. The politician Boris Nemtsov was also killed here. An impromptu memorial with flowers, photos and notes has been standing here since 2015.

Lefortovo bridge

Lefortovo bridge. The most beautiful bridges in Moscow

It is probably not worth going to him specially for the sake of a photo. He does not strike the imagination. However, its history is interesting. This is the oldest bridge across the Yauza. It was built at the end of the 18th century.

On the eve of the Great Patriotic War, it was reconstructed, but in fact it is still the same bridge that was attached to the reign of Catherine II. Only then was it called the Palace one, because it connected the empress’s palace (1st Krasnokursantsky passage, 3/5) with the Lefortovo palace (2nd Baumanskaya, 3). Therefore, if you decide to explore the Lefortovo area in the Yauza and Golovinskaya embankment area, be sure to look at this bridge.

Luzhkov bridge

Luzhkov bridge
The most beautiful bridges in Moscow: Luzhkov bridge

In general, according to the documents, this is the Tretyakov Bridge. After all, he is part of the ensemble of the gallery of the same name. Leads from Kadashevskaya embankment to Bolotnaya. But it was built at a time when Yuri Luzhkov was the mayor (1994). There is no irony in the title, but on the contrary gratitude. Because this is one of the first examples of the creation of a recreation area on the territory of the capital already in the new Russia.

The bridge is also called “wedding” or “kissing”. Because special trees are installed on it, to which the newlyweds cling to the locks and kiss after this sacred action.

From the side of Bolotnaya there are dry fountains that gush out of the ground. And on the Vodootvodny Canal, floating fountains are installed on both sides of the Tretyakovsky Bridge. On the side of Lavrushinsky Lane there is a bench with wings and a halo for photo shoots.

Bagration bridge

Bagration bridge. The most beautiful bridges in Moscow

The opening was timed to coincide with the 850th anniversary of Moscow (1997). The bridge connects the Taras Shevchenko Embankment with Presnenskaya. On the southern bank is the Tower 2000 skyscraper: the beginning of Moscow City. True, the exteriors of the high-rise buildings are inferior to the modern complexes of the business center. You can get to Bagration through the main hall of “Towers 2000”.

The bridge is pedestrian and two-level. There is an observation deck. From there we admire the skyscrapers of Moscow City, the Government House, the Ukraine Hotel and the houses on Novy Arbat. There are many retail outlets inside. And then there is the monument to Ernst Unknown “The Tree of Life”. As foliage, he has portraits of the great (according to the sculptor) Muscovites.

Bohdan Khmelnitsky Bridge

Bohdan Khmelnitsky Bridge. The most beautiful bridges in Moscow

One of the most famous bridges in Moscow in the Kievsky railway station area. When it was opened in 2001, it was called Kievsky, but after a couple of years they decided to name it after the famous hetman. The bridge connects the Berezhkovskaya and Rostovskaya embankments. City officials estimate that about 200,000 people pass through it every day. Reconstruction took place in 2020-2021.

Bohdan Khmelnitsky Bridge is one of the best observation platforms in the capital. From it you can see the Government House, the Stalinist skyscraper on Kudrinskaya Square and a similar high-rise building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Smolenskaya Square. Nearby is the Europe Square. In the distance you can see the spire of Moscow State University, Vorobyovy Gory and the domes of the Novodevichy Convent. The location is also very photogenic thanks to the interior interiors.

Big Stone Bridge
Big stone bridge
bridges in Moscow: Big stone bridge

Sometimes the name Borovitsky is found. Because next to Borovitskaya Square and the Kremlin tower of the same name. Reconstruction was carried out in 2020-2021: the bridge was rebuilt.

Open the first spread of the Russian passport and you will see the view of the Kremlin from the Bolshoi Kamenny Bridge. This place, presumably, was the first bridge in the history of the capital. It was assembled from ordinary logs. It was bred for the passage of ships and dismantled in floods.

At the beginning of the 17th century, it was decided to make a bridge out of stone. Therefore, they called it Stone. They spent a lot of gold from the treasury to pay for the work. Therefore, among the people there was a phrase: “More expensive than the Stone Bridge.” In those years, there were shops and taverns on the bridge.
The existing Big Stone Bridge is the fourth reincarnation of the crossing. From it you can look around the embankments of the center of Moscow, look at the walls and towers of the Kremlin, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the legendary House on the embankment. And be sure to take a photo with the sights in the background.

Zhivopisny bridge

Zhivopisny bridge

Or the bridge in Serebryany Bor this is the name of the natural monument, which is located at the foot of the flyover. It connects Novorizhskoe highway with Marshal Zhukov Avenue. The view of the Picturesque is mesmerizing. All thanks to the central arch with a height of 182 meters. An observation deck is “suspended” there. They immediately wanted to create a restaurant and a registry office. But due to engineering difficulties, it did not grow together the squares are still empty and there is no way to go to the observation deck.

Cars are driving across the bridge. There is a narrow walking path: it is very noisy and uncomfortable to walk, especially in winter. It is better to admire the bridge from the side of the pine forest. Or buy a ticket for the Ferris wheel in the Fairy Tale Park in Krylatskoye (200 400 rubles). An excellent view of the bridge from the Moskva River.

Crimean bridge
Crimean bridge
Crimean bridge. bridges in Moscow

If you walk along Gorky Park or Zubovsky Boulevard, take a look at the Crimean Bridge. From it you can see the New Tretyakov Gallery, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the panorama of the Moskva River. Krymsky is not only one of the most beautiful bridges in the capital, but also unique in its kind. There are no more crossings of such a design suspended in the metropolis.

The bridge was built in 1938, and in 2007 it was seriously reconstructed. The location is named in honor of the Crimean ford below it. Crimean, because these positions were used by the Crimean Tatars in their raids on Moscow.