Understanding Russian Matryoshka

Musical tumbler Seeing the Winter
Musical tumbler Seeing the Winter

Understanding Russian Matryoshka

Matryoshka – a symbol of generations. The word “matryoshka” comes from the word “mat'”, or “mother.” Thus, the toy represents the mother of a large family, a symbol of motherhood, fertility. Matryoshka with a large family conveys the image of several generations of ancestors and descendants. Matryoshka – a symbol of unity of multicultural world. It seems to be alone, but at the same time consists of many of its manifestations, which are its small reflections. Therefore matryoshka also carries the idea of ​​a small reflection in the great macrocosm – microcosm.

Matryoshka with all its components – is multi-dimensional and multi-layered character of the universe and of man – his energy bodies. Our ancestors knew about it, so there they showed the ages of initiation, which helped strengthen the corresponding energy of the body.

Tumbler Palm Sunday. Understanding Russian Matryoshka
Tumbler Palm Sunday

So, the smallest matryoshka – a physical body, it is completely ripe for the 1 st year of life, to strengthen it and help the child to establish the world’s Reveal. This matryoshka is red, as the physical body is associated with red Chara – Source.

Next matryoshka – is Jarier (essential) human body which is fully formed at the 3rd year.

To strengthen it, held the age dedication of putting on a horse – for boys, Zorya-Provestnitsa – for girls. This matryoshka is orange because the etheric body associated with orange Chara – Beginning.

The next bigger matryoshka – Navier (astral) body of a man – yellow, associated with abdomen Chara. Formed to 7 years of age, when held the dedication of Podpoyasyvanie (wearing belt) – for boys, Zakosychivanie (weaving braids) – for girls.

And next matryoshka – mental body – green, formed by 12-14 years of age and celebrated dedications of Yaren and Lelnik.

Dark Blue matryoshka – Chara of causal body, puberty formed to 21 years of age, a person is willing to create his own space, and thus be initiated in a husband or wife – wedding ceremony.
Blue matryoshka (Chara of Eye) – the body of intuition and spiritual mind, a person goes through initiation into the father or mother.

The biggest – violet matryoshka (Chara of Spring) symbolizes the soul of man. Man realizes his best when held in dedication to grandparent.

Next-body dolls – have very high vibration, so no color – it is light.

Thus, Matryoshka personifies human integrity, its positive cheerful image brings home harmony and comfort.
Matryoshka is not only a tribute to the Russian culture, Russian doll with a Russian soul is the great cultural heritage of the country.

Wooden Russian Matryoshka dolls are famous not only because they can be put into each other like boxes for gifts. Matryoshka dolls are hand-painted, each has a unique face and even character. According to one legend, these dolls appeared two thousand years ago, and are mentioned in the ancient Indian epic. And, then, to paint the dolls manually started during the time of the Trojan War. According to another legend, if you put a wish note into it, it will come true.

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