Valeria ‘s jewelry brand and expensive gifts for her

Valeria 's jewelry brand. Valeria's jewelry brand and expensive gifts for her

Valeria is a popular Soviet and Russian singer, winner of many awards and just a wonderful woman. Like many of her colleagues in the workshop, Valeria adores jewelry, and often comes under the attention of the media with various stories related to her jewelry. Today we will tell you about the most interesting situations of Valeria and jewelry.

Valeria’s own brand

Valeria loves not only to wear and collect jewelry, but also participates in the life of jewelry brands, speaking at their presentations. So in St. Petersburg, the famous singer Valeria performed at the presentation of the then newly emerging brand de Leri Jewelry. It was this star that the brand chose, since she has especially friendly relations with the jewelers who founded this brand, as well as the fact that they came from Smolensk, where Valeria is from. In general, the city of Smolensk is considered the “capital of diamonds in Russia.”

The enterprises of this city specialize in the culture of the “Russian cut” of diamonds, and this is already an internationally recognized fact. Jewelers from the Smolensk Diamonds company allowed Valeria to reveal the versatility of their joint project, and became the de Leri Jewelry brand. The collections presented by the jewelry brand mainly consist of diamonds of different colors and cuts, they also use emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

Valeria 's jewelry brand

A gift from a spouse

On the holiday, the 14th anniversary of the marriage of singer Valeria and popular producer Joseph Prigogine, the couple decided not to celebrate the event magnificently, but to quietly gather with their family. After the celebration of the agate wedding, fans noticed a brand new ring with a large diamond on Valeria’s finger.

After that, in one of the interviews, Valeria’s husband, Joseph Prigogine, said that he really made such a gift to Valeria and often likes to pamper her. The size of the diamond in this ring is about five carats, and the price of the jewelry is slightly higher than 4 million rubles.

According to the expert, the size of the stone in the jewelry is at least five carats, and the cost of the product exceeds 4 million rubles. The white gold ring of the Graff jewelry brand can be seen on the singer’s finger on almost all holidays; now it is her favorite piece of jewelry.

Valeria and her husband Joseph Prigogine
Valeria and her husband Joseph Prigogine. Valeria ‘s jewelry brand

Gift from children

Valeria recently said that her children had made her first gift. All of Valeria’s children are over 20 years old and presented her with expensive earrings as a gift.

On her pages in social networks, Valeria has suitably posted posts that her children have made her the first such expensive gift. She noted that the jewelry they donated were purchased with the money they earned personally. Such a gesture of attention from the children moved Valeria to tears. She notes that the main thing she considers not the price of earrings, but the gesture of attention for her as a mother.

The fans reacted well to this act and said that the children are worthy of respect, and the singer gave the right upbringing to her children.

Valeria 's jewelry brand. Gift from children
Valeria ‘s jewelry brand
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