Vladimir Yaglych

Vladimir Yaglych

Vladimir Vladimirovich Yaglych is a Russian theater and film actor. Was born in 1983 on January 14. Vladimir Yaglych entered the top ten most promising graduate actors in 2004 among theatrical educational institutions in Moscow.

Biography of Vladimir Yaglych

His first steps in theatrical art began within the walls of the Shchukin Theater School. There he studied with the teacher Knyazev. He played his debut film roles in 2003, while still a student. The image of Lieutenant Malyutin, created in the war film At Anonymous Height, instantly brought him success and the attention of directors. Almost immediately after the filming of this picture, he was invited to play the son of a maid and Prince Sergei in the film “My Prechistenka”.

Antonina papernaya and vladimir Yaglych
Antonina Papernaya and Vladimir Yaglych

But his student years gave Vladimir not only the first experience of working on the set. It was at the Shchukin School that the actor met his future wife, Svetlana Khodchenkova, she studied a year younger. It turns out that almost from the first meeting, strong sympathy arose in the hearts of both, but neither of them dared to take the first step.

Especially difficult for Svetlana and Vladimir on the joint filming of the series “Quiet Moscow Courtyard”, where they played a married couple. But even this work did not force the young actors to reveal their feelings.

For some time they still looked closely at each other. This lasted for about a year, during which they starred together in the film “Carousel”. And in 2004, Yaglych graduated from the Shchukin School and began working on the stage of the Vladimir Mayakovsky Theater. Around that period, his relationship with Khodchenkova began to develop rapidly, and in the winter of 2005, the artists got married.

Vladimir Yaglych with his wife and daughter
Vladimir Yaglych with his wife and daughter

On the stage of the Theater. Mayakovsky, the actor worked for about a year.

During this time, he was involved in several productions: “A Plague on Both Your Houses”, “Finicky Horses”, “The Adventures of Little Red Riding Hood.”

Since 2005, the actor began to appear in TV series. The audience especially remembered his roles in “Soldiers”, “Two Fates – 2”, “Smersh” and “The Right to Happiness”.

An important stage in the creative career of Vladimir Yaglych was his participation in the filming of the military film “We are from the Future” in 2008. This film was dedicated to the anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The sky is on fire 2010
“The sky is on fire” 2010
“We are from the future”, film 2010
“One breath” movie 2020

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