Yana Lapikova photographer of Vladimir Putin

Yana Lapikova photographer of Vladimir Putin 2

Yana Lapikova – a new love story of our respected president or just a good photographer? How did the girl number 19 manage to make such a dizzying career, get into the Kremlin and, in fact, become the girl number 1? Millions of inhabitants of our and not only our country are trying to find the answer to this question. Perhaps this is just luck, or perhaps we, viewers and fans of everything beautiful, do not know something.

Biography and career of Yana Lapikova

Yana was born on February 23, 1985. Unfortunately, not much is known about the biography of the famous Russian model. She studied at the Russian University of Trade and Economics, they say, she even received a diploma. Completed an internship at the V. Mezentsev Moscow School of Journalism, in the direction of Advertising and Public Relations.

Nothing is known about his personal life either, as if someone is hiding something about himself. She was appointed personal photographer of V. V. Putin, after being for some time in the pro-Kremlin youth organization Young Russia. There are very few photos in her photographic portfolio, so it is difficult for a girl to talk about talent. Several cats, landscapes, a couple of photo reports.

Yana Lapikova photographer of Vladimir Putin 2

Much has been written about this girl, but basically the same thing: a former model, a favorite of the president, a “semi-literate mediocrity” that has made its way in a known way, and similar not very pleasant statements. Some things are quite close to the truth. Despite the fact that she was engaged in journalism, she speaks in front of the camera disgusting. And her photos are not the best.

Fashion model career

Yana Lapikova took part in the Miss Moscow 2008 beauty contest. She never won a prize, but, on the other hand, she had a good career as a model. This did not surprise anyone, her parameters were ideal: hips and chest – 90 cm, waist – 61 cm, while height 174 cm, weight 55 kg.

Yana Lapikova photographer of Vladimir Putin

It is interesting

Yana did not come to the Miss Moscow contest by herself. She was invited by the organizers after they saw photos of a half-naked beauty on her personal page.

Candid photos of the girl first flooded the Internet, and then disappeared. It was rumored that she herself destroyed her past, but in an interview she denies everything. And there were no pictures, and she did not block the page, and she did not even change her surname to Lapina.

The model was invited for a photo shoot in the men’s magazine “Maxim”. Today it has become a joke that many famous political divas, first appear in erotic magazines, and then end up in the Kremlin. Sometimes there are photographs not only of the magazine type, but also those where Yana performs on stage in her underwear.

Rumor has it that after the former model got a job in the Kremlin, Yandex destroyed a good half of her candid photos. But, the president, as well as his entourage, said: “The past cannot be an obstacle to the future.” Even Peskov, in an interview, shared his opinion that everyone has the right to privacy. He also confirmed that the choice is not associated with either the beauty of the girl or her gender.

Photography career

Her first photographs of the state ruler, which were taken during a trip to the Volga region, were not very professional. Many even said they looked more like amateur footage. Why then did she take this position. There were rumors that for a long time they could not find a specialist in the Kremlin who would agree to such a job, and even for a small fee.

At that time, Putin was still the second person in the country. The staff of photographers could not cope with their work, then Kremlin activists came to the rescue. I was not lucky, she worked not alone, but with two experienced photographers. Together they photographed not only the meetings, but also the meeting of Vladimir Vladimirovich with wild animals, with their endangered species, recorded moments of rest or fishing organized for the Prime Minister. As a photographer, Yana has covered various ceremonies, themed concerts, and meetings. Of course, she did not do it alone, but all with the same professional photographers who were part of the staff of the former prime minister.

Her last photo in the media is dated 2012.

Then her name appeared next to the deputy Maxim Mishchenko, whom she knew from the active movement “Young Russia”. In 2014, she was seen at the Winter Olympics in Sochi with a pass hanging around her neck and a camera slung over her shoulder. This can only mean one thing: Lapikova continues to build a career as a photographer. In an interview, she said that she wants to write and publish her autobiography. But, after 2015, the girl was no longer “active” either on the Internet or in real life.