Yanina Studilina

Yanina Studilina

Yanina Studilina – childhood

Yanina Studilina was born in Omsk. Mom is a doctor, dad is a lawyer. My grandmother lived in Moscow and worked in the space industry. The younger brother is Gleb (born 2001).

“When I was born, my parents were considering many options: Julia, Diana, Yana. And the grandmother said: “Why shouldn’t she be Yanina?” And regardless of grandmother, dad also found this name and said that he liked it. It turns out that my grandmother and dad called me Yanina, and my mother gave in, ”said Yanina Studilina in an interview with 7Dnei magazine.

As a child, Yanina dreamed of becoming an actress. The girl liked to dress up, do her hair and arrange home concerts.

“We don’t have actors in our family. Nobody thought that I would follow this path. But on one of our visits to Moscow, it turned out that a beautiful building had been erected opposite my grandmother’s house. I stopped by to see what it is. It turned out to be a theater school. In general, I fired up: I wanted to study there. I was 12 years old. The parents didn’t mind. I had to go through an interview, like in a theater institute: read poetry and prose, show sketches. And they took me, ”Yanina Studilina said in an interview with 7Dnei magazine.

Yanina Studilina


In 2000, the future star graduated from the theater and music school. S.Z.Kazarnovsky.

After school Studilina entered the Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, which she graduated in 2007. In parallel with her studies, the girl starred in commercials and attended screen tests.

“After graduating from the Financial Academy, I entered the free magistracy. And I continued to go to numerous auditions, they began to take me on episodes and small roles, “Yanina Studilina said in an interview with 7 Days magazine.

Yanina Studilina

Film career

In 2006, as a student, she made her film debut, playing the role of Mila in one of the episodes of the series “Who’s the Boss?”

In the same year she played a friend of Sveta Bukina in the series “Happy Together”.

The actress became widely known in 2008 thanks to the role of Polina Zelenova in the TV series “Ranetki”.

“Then the series“ Ranetki ”appeared in my life. This was my first big role, and they began to recognize me by it. And I finally decided that I want to become an actress, ”Yanina Studilina said in an interview with 7Dnei magazine.

On the advice of actor Valery Barinov, who praised the young actress, but said that if she wants serious roles and hopes to work with good directors, it is imperative to go to study at a theater university.

“And then I entered the Shchukin Institute. True, for the time of study I had to stop filming – these are the rules, ”said Yanina Studilina in an interview with 7Dnei magazine.

Also famous for the film works of the actress were roles in the TV series “One Night of Love” (2008), “Provincial” (2008), “Emergencies. Emergency Situation “(2012),” Red Queen “(2015) and” Island “(2016-2018).

2011, Studilina graduated from the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute (course of V.M. Markin, V.P. Poglazov).

2012, Yanina played Anyuta in the TV series “White Guard”.

2015, the artist starred in Stas Mikhailov’s video “A Dream Where We Are Together”.

2020, Yanina Studilina played Ani in the comedy directed by Yana Gladkikh “Pretty Woman!”

A family

Spouse – Alexander Rodnyansky Jr., son of the STS producer
Daughter – Anna (born December 30, 2016)

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