Yevgeny Mironov

Yevgeni Mironov

Yevgeny Mironov is a Soviet and Russian actor, producer and director, People’s Artist of Russia and laureate of two State Prizes of the Russian Federation.

Yevgeny Mironov

Biography of Yevgeny Mironov

Born on November 29, 1966 in Saratov in a simple family his father worked as a driver, mother a salesman. Parents with children Evgeny and his younger sister Oksana lived in the military town of Tatishchevo-5 in the Saratov region.


From childhood, Zhenya showed interest in creativity: he danced in an ensemble and studied in a drama circle. Together with his sister, Eugene prepared puppet shows, which were then shown to relatives. And the parents were creative people, so they also took an active part in amateur performances. In parallel with secondary school, the future actor graduated from music school, accordion class.

Evgeny Mironov as a child
Evgeny Mironov as a child


At sixteen, the young man entered the Saratov Theater School named after I.A. Slonov for the course of the People’s Artist of the USSR Valentina Alexandrovna Ermakova. After studying at the school for four years, Mironov decided to continue his acting education at the Moscow Art Theater School on the course of his fellow countryman Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov. “Such a thin, not to say emaciated, young man came up to me and said that he was from Saratov. Then, apparently, our mutual embraces and the establishment of family relations should have followed However, Eugene had to go through a probationary period to be enrolled, since at that time the workshop was already in his second year. After graduation, Evgeny was enrolled in the troupe of the Tabakerka theater studio. Since then, the fate of Mironov is inextricably linked with his teacher.

Evgeny Mironov in his youth
Evgeny Mironov in his youth

Over the course of twelve years, Eugene has embodied many memorable images on stage. And one of the brightest roles was the work in the production of “Passion for Bumbarash” This is a musical on the verses of Yuliy Kim based on the early works of Arkady Gaidar, which was staged by Vladimir Mashkov.

Critics appreciated Mironov’s dramatic talent and wrote that “the actor in this old production works as if it were his only and main role. Nowhere “saving” yourself, giving all the best. Each of his appearances on stage is a deep breath that the viewer holds all the time while Mironov is on stage. The play was staged on the “Snuffbox” stage for eighteen years and was sold out, and the role of Bumbarash became the actor’s calling card.

Evgeny Mironov in the movie
Evgeny Mironov in the movie “Piranha Hunt”

Film debut

In parallel with his work in the theater, Eugene was actively involved in the cinema. Mironov’s debut took place in 1988, when he played his wife’s lover in Alexander Kaidanovsky’s film “The Kerosene Man’s Wife.”

Mironov became widely known after he played the role of Sasha in Valery Todorovsky’s film Love. This work is the second picture of a wonderful director shot so professionally that the feeling of mature creativity does not leave the viewer throughout the whole picture. An amazingly clean, dramatic and intelligent film about growing up and the love of young people. This picture gave rise to the ascent of the star Yevgeny Mironov. For “Love” the actor received a number of cinematic awards and was recognized by critics as the best actor in 1992.

Film “Apostle” 2008

In 1992, Evgeny brilliantly coped with the role of Lieutenant Volodya in the film by Pyotr Todorovsky “Anchor, still anchor!”, After which he became recognizable among the cinematic environment.

In the film “Limit” (1995) directed by Denis Evstigneev, Eugene played an honest, sentimental “loser” Misha in a creative duet with Vladimir Mashkov. This is a drama about those terrible times when the mafia and banditry ruled in Russia.

Film Carpathian Gold 1991
Film Carpathian Gold 1991
prize for the best episodic role

For his work in the Oscar-winning film by Nikita Mikhalkov “Burnt by the Sun” (1994), the role of a lieutenant-tanker, the actor received the prize for the best episodic role at the “Constellation-95” festival. In the same year, Eugene played the main role in the drama of Vladimir Khotinenko “Muslim” (1994), which became another creative success of the actor. Eugene had to go to the mosque for two months, learn namaz and cultivate the inner concentration characteristic of Eastern people.

Series Dostoevsky 2011
Series Dostoevsky 2011

Eugene embodied many vivid images in the paintings “The Serpentine Spring” by Nikolai Lebedev, “The Diary of His Wife”, “Space as a Premonition”, “On Verkhnyaya Maslovka”. One of the most successful and difficult works of the actor is the role of Prince Myshkin in the film adaptation of Dostoevsky’s novel The Idiot (2003) by Vladimir Bortko.

Myshkin himself Mironov perceives not as a person: he loves unselfishly (as is not the case with people), and his mind is exclusively natural; it is as if there is no skin on him, and he immediately sees right through other people. Having got used to the role of the prince so strongly, Mironov, according to his own recollections, for about a year felt that he could not get out of it. In addition, in the biographical series Dostoevsky (2010) by Vladimir Khotinenko, Yevgeny Mironov played Fyodor Mikhailovich himself and tried to embody him in everything: in gestures, in voice, in facial expressions.

The Kerosene Man's Wife 1988
The Kerosene Man’s Wife 1988
participation in the famous international theater projects

An important milestone in the actor’s career was the participation in the famous international theater projects “Hamlet” and “Oresteia” by the German director Peter Stein. Mironov starred in Boris Godunov directed by Declan Donnelann. For the role of his middle brother in the play “The Karamazovs and Hell” Valery Fokin was awarded the State Prize of the Russian Federation. In 2003, he played the role of Lopakhin for the first time in the famous play “The Cherry Orchard” by Eimuntas Nyakrosius.

Evgeny Mironov with his son
Evgeny Mironov with his son

In 2005, Evgeny was awarded the title of People’s Artist of the Russian Federation. Since December 2006, he has been the artistic director of the State Theater of Nations in Moscow. In his theater, Mironov sees the most important task in educating the audience. There is no troupe in the theater it is a unique platform, an open stage that can give young actors a chance. In Russia and Italy, the premiere of the performance of the Theater of Nations “Caligula” staged by Eimuntas Nyakrosius took place, for the main role in which Yevgeny Mironov was awarded the Golden Mask Prize.

with sister
with sister

Evgeniy is the founder of the Artist charitable foundation. The idea of ​​the Fund belongs to the wonderful actress Maria Mironova. Evgeny Mironov fully supported her initiative and took an active part in the creation of the Fund. The purpose of the Foundation is to raise funds and hold charity events in support of veteran actors. First of all, this is material support and provision of elderly people who have devoted their lives to the national theater and cinema.

All filmography


  1. Heart of Parma 2020
  2. 2020 Squirrel and Arrow: Caribbean Mystery
  3. 2020 Galaxy Goalkeeper
  4. 2019 Coronation
  5. 2019 Lenin. Inevitability
  6. 2018 VMayakovsky
  7. Carp frostbitten 2017
  8. Time of the first 2017
  9. 2017 Matilda
  10. Norwegian 2015
  11. 2015 Parsley Syndrome
  12. 2015 Norwegian
  13. 2014 Calculator
  14. 2014 Squirrel and Arrow: Lunar Adventures
  15. 2013 ashes
  16. 2011 Diamond Hunters
  17. 2010 Oleg Tabakov. Lighting up the stars
  18. Dostoevsky 2010
  19. 2010 Burnt by the Sun 2: Anticipation
  20. 2010 Star dogs: Belka and Strelka
  21. 2009 Moscow, I love you!
  22. 2009 Apostle
  23. 2007 Fairy Tales of the Old Piano
  24. 2006 By stage
  25. 2006 Piranha Hunt
  26. 2005 Space as a premonition
  27. 2005 Escape
  28. 2004 The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
  29. 2003 I have an idea 2002 Transformation
  30. 2002 House of Fools
  31. 2001 In August 44th
  32. 2000: His Wife’s Diary
  33. 1999 Mom
  34. 1997 Serpentine Spring
  35. 1994 Burnt by the Sun
  36. 1992 Anchor, another anchor!
  37. 1990 Do it once!
  38. 1989 Before Dawn
  39. 1988 The Kerosene Man’s Wife Dubbing actor
  40. 2006 it doesn’t hurt me
Evgeny Mironov and Olga Slutsker
Evgeny Mironov and Olga Slutsker
Understudy actor
  1. 1991 Inner Circle Producer
  2. 2018 Icaria
  3. Time of the first 2017
  4. Parsley Syndrome 2015
  5. 2014 No comment
  6. 2009 Passion Phonogram
Evgeny Mironov and Sergey Astakhov
Evgeny Mironov and Sergey Astakhov
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