Yulia Lemigova

Miss USSR 1990 Lemigova Julia
Miss USSR 1990 Lemigova Julia

“The last Miss of the USSR” – this is what Yulia Lemigova is called. Her life has developed in such a way that you can shoot a whole series.

Yulia Lemigova: It’s like a fairytale

Julia’s life can be compared with the well-known fairy tale “Cinderella”. Her good fairy turned out to be Alexander Stefanovich (ex-husband of Alla Pugacheva). Lemigova came on a date with her boyfriend, but, as it turned out, confused the meeting place. Alexander, passing by, offered to give her a lift to the right place, but the guy was no longer there. To cheer up the sad girl, Stefanovich invited her to a restaurant.

Julia said that she was nineteen years old, although at that time she was in the tenth grade. According to her, she hides her age so that the suitors do not run away. “It was then that I told Yulia that the next meeting would be only when she was eighteen. She burst into tears and ran away. Gradually our communication became closer, and I decided that Yulia could try herself in the modeling business.”

Yulia Lemigova

So Julia was in the right place at the right time, and this chance meeting soon changed her life.

In 1991, the all-Union competition was canceled due to the collapse of the USSR, and it was decided to send the winner of last year to Miss Universe. It was then that luck turned to face Yulia Lemigova. Miss USSR in 1990 got married, and this was contrary to the rules of the show. Therefore, Vice-Miss – Julia went to Las Vegas. And even though she took only second place, the glory was not long in coming.

Moved to Paris

Lemigova moved to Paris so that the main casting agencies would find out about her. She took part in filming for the world’s top brands.

The modeling business turned out to be not enough for Yulia, and she opened her SPA-salon Jolya and the cosmetics company “Belaya Rossiya”.

Everything seemed to be going well, but the girl’s personal life did not go well.

Yulia Lemigova

Loss of the dearest person

Alexander Stefanovich talks about his meeting with Yulia in Paris.

Rumors claimed that Lemigova had an affair with one of Boris Yeltsin’s close associates, Boris Fedorov. The man was involved in two of the biggest crime stories of the 90s. And in 1996, an attempt was made on his life, in which the girl suffered. Yulia’s acquaintances thought it was her, but, fortunately, everything quickly fell into place.

Yulia Lemigova

And even though the life of the model was filled with mystery, everyone knew about her affair with the banker Edward Stern. In 1998, for the sake of Yulia Lemigova, the man divorced, and soon the lovers found out that they would have a child. In his personal life, everything was fine, but right before the birth of the baby, the couple quarreled and Eduard left. Julia was left alone, and soon her son was born, whom she named Maximilian.

“I saw her son when he was three months old. Then Yulia told me that she had a bad feeling about it. It seemed to her that she was being watched. ”

Yulia Lemigova

Under the veil of secrecy

Unfortunately, her mother’s intuition did not disappoint: just a few weeks later, she discovered the lifeless body of Maximilian, and the nanny who remained with the boy disappeared without a trace.

“It was obvious that it was all about money. After all, Maximilian could claim part of the huge inheritance of Edward Stern. The investigation diligently did not notice this fact and went the other way. Julia was depressed, and she was taken into custody. According to French law, police officers have no right to detain without trial for more than 90 days, so after 89 days Yulia was released, having received only an apology. ”

Yulia Lemigova
Julia Lemigova arrives at the Laureus World Sports Awards at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on February 6, 2012 in London, England.

Lemigova received severe psychological trauma, and they could not find those responsible for the death of her son. And five years later, Stern was found in his own mansion. The man was killed by a girl of easy virtue, with whom he had a relationship for four years. When the banker was discovered, he was wearing a pink latex suit. As the investigation found out, during the BDSM game, Edward’s girlfriend did not attack him because he refused to pay her a million dollars.

Yulia Lemigova

Personal life

Until 2008, Julia carefully concealed her personal life, during which time she gave birth to two daughters – Victoria (18 years old) and Emma (13 years old). The woman refuses to name the fathers’ names, and perhaps this is due to the unexpected confession she made in 2009.

Lemigova was credited with novels with the most influential men in the world, but no one would have thought that the model would connect her life with a woman.

Laureus World Sports Awards 2012

“In 2001, I met Martina Navratilova, she was once the first racket, the legend of world tennis.”

“I grew up in the USSR, then no one knew about the existence of same-sex love, only in London I learned that this could be. But Martina has been openly demonstrating her relationships with women since the 1980s. ”

Already in 2009, Julia and Martina did not hide their romance, they walked everywhere together and did not hesitate to show their feelings. Everyone around knew Navratilova as a lover of short intrigues and thought that women would soon break off relations. However, something happened that no one expected. Martina fell seriously ill, and Lemigova supported her beloved in everything. The disease brought the two women closer together, and soon Navratilova not only recovered, but also returned to sports.

Yulia Lemigova