Yuliya Snigir

Yulia Snigir is a Russian actress, TV presenter and fashion model.
Yulia Snigir is a Russian actress, TV presenter and fashion model.

Yulia Snigir is a Russian actress, TV presenter and fashion model. She is best known for her roles in the films “Kokoko”, “The Last Slaughter” and “Inhabited Island”.

Yulia Snigir was born on June 2, 1983 in the Tula region. Julia was the eldest daughter in the family. After graduating from high school, in search of a better life, she went to Moscow. Yulia Snigir successfully entered the Moscow State Pedagogical University at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. Although she did not dream of becoming a teacher, after graduating from high school, she taught English at school for a while, but soon became disillusioned with this profession.

Once Yuliya Snigir went to the casting for jeans advertising. She did not pass the casting, but she was noticed by a photographer who noted her photogenicity and advised her to contact a modeling agency. As a result, Snigir began working with the model agency “Tochka”, which changed the vector of her life.

The first fame came quite unexpectedly thanks to a small role in the video for the song “See You Soon” by the popular group “Animals”. The video was often shown on television, and Julia was not only recognized on the streets, but also the directors turned their attention to her. So soon he made his debut in the cinema, which was the drama of Sergei Bobrov “The Last Massacre”. The following year, in 2007, she played in the action-packed film “Vaccine”.
In addition, she auditioned for one of the roles in the film “Hipsters”, for which she was eventually not approved, but the director noted her acting abilities and recommended that she leave her modeling career and finally devote herself to cinema. Therefore, Snigir decided to start studying acting at the Shchukin School.

The next notable film role for Yuliya Snigir was working on the set of Fyodor Bondarchuk’s film “Inhabited Island”, for which the actress rehearsed a lot and worked out in the gym. The film brought her a new wave of popularity, and offers to participate in other projects began to arrive more and more actively.
For a number of reasons, during the same period, Snigir left as the last student of the theater school. In the following years, she played in several well-known films and TV series, including “Doctor Tyrsa”, “In the Woods and Mountains”, “I will never forget you”, the military drama” Sky on Fire”, the historical film” Rasputin”, as well as the sequel”Inhabited Island”. Among the latest works of the actress can be noted the drama “Valley of Roses” “Kokoko”, the comedy melodrama “Atomic Ivan” , as well as the historical series “Countersort”.
And in 2013, it is expected to release the next episode of the legendary film “Die Hard” with Bruce Willis in the title role, where Julia Snigir will also play.

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